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As you'd expect, I'm always looking to see how my book sales are doing and I also look on Amazon to see if there are any new reviews. (There's only one review for 'Catalyst', by the way, has anybody read it?) Somebody called 'Rab' put a new, brief, review up for 'Never Mind the Zombies' on 6th January. It's not hard to tell where he's coming from when he says, "great read if your from the real zombie mob, should take a closer look at his own, obsessed". The poor spelling and use of the word 'obsessed' betrays the clown as being one of The Peeppul.

It's interesting to click on the name of somebody like this to see what they've got to say about other books. Usually they're full of gushing praise for Pishy Leggat's books and anything to do with war, armies or against Scottish independence. This guy's not much different but there's one particular book he recommends that gives an interesting insight into the psyche of The Peepul. The book is called 'March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race' by Arthur Kemp. I'd never heard of this book or its author but I did a bit of research and both are exactly what you'd expect.

Kemp is a self-confessed racist. He left South Africa, where he was embroiled in right-wing politics, years ago and was involved with the BNP when he came to England. He's written a few books and has become the darling of neo-Nazis internationally, who see him as one of the few 'historians' willing to tell 'the truth' about what's happened, and what's happening, in the world. Kemp's website gives the opportunity to read some chapters of the book for free, an offer I took advantage of. I read the chapter on Nazi Germany and was confronted with a pile of half-truths, obvious omissions and twisting of facts. Supposedly the book was recently revised to keep it up to date with new findings and yet Kemp still clings to the myth that Nazi Germany was an efficient, well-ordered state, when recent research has shown that it was anything but.

There is one glaring omission from Kemp's book that proves, beyond doubt, that the man is not, as many try to claim, a historian. There are no footnotes or any indication anywhere of where he got his information. Now, I might ramble on here without providing sources, but I think it's implicitly understood that I will provide them if asked. A book, though, is a different matter, especially if that book is purporting to be a history book. You'll notice that in 'Clash of the Agnivores' and 'Never Mind the Zombies', even though neither is going to end up on any university syllabus reading list any time soon, I provide copious notes on where I gleaned my information. If you don't do this, then you leave your book open to the accusation of being utter pish with no way of arguing the opposite. Kemp has backed himself into this particular corner and only a complete fool would accept him as a historian.

Which brings us nicely back to 'Rab' and The Peeppul in general. Like all right-wing nutjobs, The Peeppul are obsessed with race. You'll constantly hear them banging on about 'indigenous Scots' or 'indigenous Britons' and they don't want their soil sullied by inferior types from Ireland. They try to deny it but the fact remains that Ibrox has always been a successful recruiting ground for the likes of the BNP and many of them now flock to UKIP, the rather more respectable face of racial bigotry. The chants and Nazi salutes in George Square in September 2014 betrayed what goes on in many of their minds. Meanwhile, the 'indigenous Scots' that live in Northern Ireland are currently using violence and threats to try to force refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants out of 'their' country.

Looking at Kemp's website, his blog and other places propounding the same, twisted views, one thing is clear; Jews are considered as being distinctly 'not white'. And yet, one of the tenets of many right-wing racists worldwide is the long-debunked belief in 'British Israelism'. Bill McMurdo writes extensively about this insane theory and the Orange Order teaches this myth to the children unlucky enough to be dragged along to the lodge by their parents. So, on the one hand the Jews are racial enemies, fighting to be top dogs in a Darwinian war; while, on the other, they are the close, genetic relatives of the very ones that hate them. Many right-wing lunatics in America get round this problem by claiming that those that call themselves 'Jews' are not really Jews at all, but some other group; the real 'Jews' are those of Anglo-Saxon descent. I haven't seen any of The Peeppul use this argument so they're obviously quite happy to live with this dichotomy.

When it comes to the Jews, Zionism and The Peeppul, there is also a religious element, which also applies to many of their co-religionists around the world. Many of the tenets of Protestantism did not suddenly appear with Luther etc. but go right back to movements that prospered in the Middle Ages. One of these was an obsession with the 'End of Days', which the Vatican did all it could to stamp out, arguing that it wasn't man's place to bring about the Apocalypse; that was God's preserve and Christians should be ready for it to happen at any time. Protestants, on the other hand, took the opposite view and saw it as their duty to bring about the Second Coming. A look at the Book of Revelation clearly explains why Protestantism is obsessed with protecting the state of Israel and why Zionism has pervaded the thinking of most Western governments.

Most of The Peeppul don't know the beliefs of the religion they claim to be fighting to uphold and they've probably never heard of Arthur Kemp and his vile books but, if you read any of their blogs and websites, it's fairly obvious that they've been influenced a great deal by the 'End of Days' obsession with Zionism and also by the Arthur Kemps of this world. Google 'British Israelism' and you'll find that this is a fundamental belief of the Orange Order, with which the majority of The Peeppul have had some contact. With all these conflicting ideas going round in their heads, all of which they hold to be true, it's hardly surprising that they'll accept anything their leaders throw at them. Perhaps we can even begin to understand why they think their dead club is still alive and why they're prepared to take at face value the word of a convicted crook!

On a personal note, I mentioned before on here that I had been blocked by Listy Graham on Twitter, only to admit that I was nothing special since his account was private. I was heartened yesterday to click on his profile, when he was talking shite to James Doleman, and find that I am, indeed, blocked. Hopefully this also means that I have a prominent place on Ze List. Fame at last!

It'll soon be time for me to start work on Volume III of the Sevco, or 'Neo-Gers' as I've called them in my books, Saga. By God, there's been so much happening this season what with court cases, 'world-class' signings, court cases, the privilege of seeing the greatest manager of all time at work, court cases, an increase, if that were possible, of the sycophancy in our media, court cases, jumble sales and, of course, court cases. My books usually work out at around 80,000 words and I hope I can do justice to this year's story in that many words. I don't really want to go over that amount as it would increase the price and give poor Monti apoplexy!

Finally, I see Cameron is talking about throwing folk out of Britain if they haven't learned English within a certain time. No, that's not strictly true, it's Muslim women that are joining their husbands over here that he's targeting. He's got the gall to try to dress this up as some kind of humanitarian policy, as if it's to help Muslim women get out from under the domination of their husbands. As any intelligent person knows, the women that are under the thumb are in a small minority and it's more to do with the countries they come from, rather than Islam. I remember the wife of the shop-owner near where I used to live and I'd like to have seen any cunt even try to tell her what to do!

I've been on holiday to Greece, Spain and Portugal and it's often hard to avoid going to pubs that are owned by British, usually English, ex-pats. It's amazing to hear these characters boast how they've lived there for fifteen years or more without learning a single word of the local language. A pub owner in Spain told me that she deliberately avoided learning Spanish so as to put off any of the locals from frequenting her bar! I've also known folk that have worked in the oil industry in Saudi Arabia. One guy lived there for ten years without learning a word of Arabic. God help these people if foreign nations ever decide to become as chauvinistic as we are!

Remember these?

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