Friday, 15 January 2016


Thanks to those that gave me feedback on my short story. I've deleted it now since they're funny in these competitions about having the story posted on the internet; they count that as already being published. I've taken what you've said on board and will be making a few changes before I submit it. Even if you're not aware of it, you've been a big help. Thanks again.

The big news is the Sons of Struth jumble sale tomorrow at Ibrox Primary School. As somebody already pointed out to me on Twitter, they'd better have a box of Action Man's heids or it's not a proper jumble sale! I wonder if it's a good idea letting these Peeppul hold their jumble sale at a primary school, given their penchant for hooliganism and their hatred of education. Hopefully the weans haven't put any pictures on the walls that the Huns might take exception to, which wouldn't be hard since there's a long list of things and people they don't like. At any rate, it still doesn't seem to have sunk in that Sevco has to reimburse Ashley the full price for unsold stock, which Sports Direct can then flog cheaply to make even more money. The way things stand, these clowns are actually doing Ashley a favour. Still, if it keeps them off the streets...

Like Kris Boyd, Pat Nevin has decided to go down the artificial-turf route and, like a lot of other folk, he mourns David Bowie and waxes lyrical on what the singer meant to him. The inspiration he took from Bowie was, apparently, "Be comfortable to be different". This, of course, begs the question as to why he feels the need to toe the party line on the 'Big Lie' and praise Sevco every time he's on the screen. It looks more like Nevin feels more comfortable being the same as everybody else around him; even going that extra yard when it comes to sucking up to The Peeppul. I think his real inspiration is from Bowie's song Suffragette City, "This mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place". Well, he certainly doesn't display any backbone, does he?

Meanwhile, the furore over the smoke bombs, or flares, as our media insist on calling them, rumbles on. One idiot on the DR Hotline had this to say, "Chris Currie must have an axe to grind against Rangers (sic). They have nothing to do with the Celtic clowns who threw flares on to the park. Maybe closing Parkhead to the fans for three matches will get the message through." Obviously this moron forgets Falkirk's artificial pitch being badly burned with a Sevco flare last season! It's getting beyond a joke the way all the fingers are pointing at Celtic, as if no other club in Scotland has this problem. The answer, though, lies with the Celtic supporters that have been throwing these devices; stop fucking doing it! Our media and football authorities are looking for any excuse to come down on Celtic; why give them one? Yes, the whole thing's unfair and hypocritical but we're stuck with the bastards so they have to be played at their own game, by their own rules.

Also on the DR Hotline was this little gem: "Fans of other clubs are guilty of hypocrisy when it comes to Rangers’ (sic) signing policy. They said it was unfair when we were winning leagues with players we couldn’t afford, now they are moaning we are doing it on the cheap." Er...even those cheap players are being paid for with money that Sevco doesn't have. The problem is that Sevco seems to expect other clubs to fall into line and hand over players for next to nothing, just because Sevco doesn't have that much money. The new club might not have inherited the history of the old one, but it's inherited the arrogant support with the same sense of entitlement. They honestly seem to believe that St. Johnstone has got a nerve not parting with their prize asset for peanuts. Maybe Halloween Houston and his gang could help out with the proceeds from their jumble sale and then a XXXXXXXL Sevco top with 'O'Halloran' on the back in an antique, Celtic script could be on the cards!

On a different matter, it seems that those that were all Je suis Charlie last year will now need to change that to Je suis un vrai Charlie! The magazine has published a new cartoon all about the alleged incidents in Cologne on New Year's Eve. Apparently there were multiple attacks on women in the German city and all the reports said that the perpetrators were 'Arabic'. The whole story seems a bit suspicious but the likes of the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have been all over it. So has Charlie Hebdo, with this cartoon:

"What would little Aylan have become if he'd grown up?"
"An arse-grabber in Germany."

Aylan Kurdi, you might recall, was the three-year-old Syrian refugee that drowned in the Mediterranean. Charlie Hebdo helpfully provides a small sketch in case we've forgotten.

This cartoon is being rightly condemned but, really, it's time the magazine itself faced condemnation. This isn't a question of 'freedom of the press' as Phil Mac Giolla Bhain claimed; it's a filthy, little rag with a racist and sectarian agenda, much like Der Stürmer in Nazi Germany. Apologists claim that the magazine attacks a multitude of targets equally. That, however, is a complete lie. There are never any attacks against Israel or Zionism; unusual, you'd think for a supposedly left-wing organ! The fact that the magazine is owned by the Rothschild family tells its own story and explains the prejudice against Islam. Really, the magazine is no better, and possibly worse, than the scum that were singing at Ibrox last week.
Tuesday saw EVEL in operation for the first time at Westminster, as Scottish MPs were excluded from voting on the Housing and Planning Bill, which the Speaker judged was purely an English concern. Strangely, though, Ian Murray, Scotland's only Labour MP, and David Mundell, Scotland's only Tory MP, both voted on the bill (Hansard 12-1-16, Division No. 160). It seems that EVEL doesn't actually mean that Scottish MPs are excluded; merely that SNP MPs are!

Finally, I hear Halloween Houston has offered his hand in marriage to this lucky lady.

"C'moan, hen, Ah'm sum catch 'n' 'at, so Ah um! Ah'm a pyoor brullyint auffir an' a non-smoker. Ah've goat a good sense-a humour; Ah mean, Ah support Sevco, so Ah need wan. An' Ah've goat ma ain van an' everyhin'. Oh, an' Ah'm tellin' nae word-y a lie when Ah say Ah'm wan-y the handsomest men it Ibrox!"

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