Friday, 3 April 2015


So that's it. De-listing has occurred and the fun starts in earnest. While Paul Murray tries to put a positive spin on things he also says that it won't affect the new board's plans. How are they going to carry out the much-vaunted share issue, however, without a market? Easy. They're going to get themselves listed on the ISDX market instead. Ah, if only things were that simple! The ISDX market, just like any such market, has rules and regulations, including the need to appoint an ISDX Corporate Adviser; effectively a NOMAD under another name. Best of luck with that one!

Predictably, Rangers (sic) First is supporting the board, and both Rangers (sic) First and the board are blaming the previous incumbents of the Blue Room. (At least they're not blaming Peter Lawwell - yet!) This, of course, is pish. It might have escaped their notice but the previous board actually had a NOMAD, who only buggered off when it was obvious that the 'Real Rangers Men' were going to triumph. The job of a NOMAD, as well as an ISDX Corporate Adviser, is to make sure that a company is stable and is a valid going concern, fit to trade on the stock market. He's concerned about the here-and-now and the future, not the past. Evidently, potential NOMADS have been put off by the plans of the current board, as well as, no doubt, the actual members of the board itself. From that perspective it's easy to see that trading on the ISDX market is going to be a complete non-starter.

As well as blaming the previous board, Paul Murray also has this to say, "You could say the behaviour of previous directors has poisoned the well with AIM but even so we might have expected a little more understanding from certain quarters." That'll be those 'Raynjurz-Haturz' on the London Stock Exchange. Expect more of this shite as they try to deflect from that fact that de-listing was the plan all along. King is on record as saying that he would prefer the Ibrox club to be de-listed but they've got to look as if they tried. When the ISDX market knocks them back the powers-that-be on that exchange will be blamed as well. Soon the only market open for trading Sevco shares will be the Barras; exactly the situation King wanted from the start. 

Already complaints have been received at the Financial Commission and Jack Irvine has come out to say that the Easdales are considering complaining formally. They've got quite a case. Honest Dave is on record as claiming that he had a NOMAD in place before the EGM. He also assured everyone that de-listing was not an option. In other words, he's a glib and shameless liar. I wonder if this has been the Ashley faction's plan all along; let the 'Real Raynjurz Men' take over and make a complete arse of everything!

An interesting wee Freudian slip in yesterday's Record. Jackson says, "Sources at the club, however, are adamant that the latest blow will not effect the board’s fund raising plans". Obviously he meant to say, "...will not affect the board's fund raising plans", meaning that de-listing will make not a bit of difference. His little spelling error, however, changes the whole meaning of what he says. Effectively, what he has really said is that the board's fund raising plans won't be helped by 'the latest blow'. Like I said, a Freudian slip. Deep down it looks as if Jackson doesn't have much faith in the 'Real Raynjurz Men', even after all his campaigning to get them into the Blue Room!

In politics, last night saw the big debate between all the leaders. I didn't see it but, according to Torky the Twat in the Record, there were no winners but he puts the boot into Nicola Sturgeon all the same. Apparently, there was a wee smirk from Cameron because Sturgeon kept having a go at Miliband. So, under the guise of a review of a TV programme, Torky just follows the party line: vote SNP and get the Tories. He seems to forget that we all know about Scottish Labour trying to get folk to vote Tory in certain areas to keep the SNP out. 'Anyone but the Tories', eh?

On a lighter note, the DR, after its 'Scotland's Champion' credentials were dented by its slavish devotion to Westminster, decided yesterday to attempt to restore some credibility with a little piece about 'playground words'. Unfortunately, it failed miserably. I mean, what, in the name of God, is a 'Cully Buckie'? When I was at school we called it a 'Coaxy' or a 'Cokery', while through in Edinburgh they called it a 'Coaly-back'. A 'Cully Buckie' sounds like some kind of Buckfast cocktail. Then there's 'slitter'. I never used that word, nor did anyone else I knew; that's because I went to school in Glasgow. 'Slitter' is an Edinburgh word, used by children and adults alike. I've noticed recently that a lot of the articles in the Record are lifted straight from the Mirror. This looks like another one; it was obviously written by somebody that knows next to bugger all about Scotland!

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