Friday, 10 April 2015


'Oh Sandy well, You came and you gave without taking, But we sent you away.'

I wonder how Big Sandy feels after the judgment by the Court of Session. There he was, skulking away on the 'Football Board', knowing full-well that if he went onto the board proper he'd be pilloried because of his conviction for fraud. Now Honest Dave has been cleared by a judge as 'fit and proper' despite being convicted on forty-one (or was it forty-two?) counts of fraud in South Africa. Sandy must be well pissed off!

It's been a strange business, the involvement of the Easdales with Bisto FC. They look like gangsters, and they have a bit of a reputation, but it can't be denied that they never took a penny out of the Ibrox club and were always willing to put their hands in their pockets when the bills arrived. And yet, they got nothing but abuse for their trouble. Remember all those e-mails they kept getting? And then there was Bomber Brown calling them 'rats' at the AGM. Nobody could blame them if their professed love for Rangers and the new pretendy-Rangers has now turned to a deep hatred.

We've yet to hear if Sandy is going to pursue Honest Dave and the rest of them through the courts, but if it were me I'd be suing them right down to their ankle socks. Everybody's waiting to see what Ashley's going to do, but my money's on Sandy Easdale ripping King a new arse. He doesn't look like the sort of person you want to get on the wrong side of and, let's face it, he's hardly been treated fairly by The Peeppul, has he?

Meanwhile, Wrang-Door McCall has been telling The Peeppul not to get carried away. He knows as well as we do that his team has been flattered by those recent wins. Hibs have been going through a sticky patch lately and Hearts looked as if they don't particularly care anymore; they've already won the league convincingly. McCall obviously hasn't looked at McMurdo's site yet; they're demanding the Premiership title delivered this time next year! Now that's definitely what you call getting carried away - and they should be carried away, by the men in white coats!

It's amazing that, no matter how many times things go wrong, The Peeppul see every tiny triumph as a sign that everything's starting to go their way. If it were anyone else, you'd admire that kind of glass-half-full optimism. Unfortunately, that's not the way The Peeppul work. They see things in terms of being entitled to everything and God smiting all their perceived enemies etc. etc. As soon as things go wrong again they can't see it as a reverse of fortune or, God forbid, their own fault; they immediately look for somebody to blame. That's why it's so hilarious when things do go wrong, as they always do.

I wonder who they'll blame for last night's slaughtering at Palmerston. I noticed on some of their sites that they were questioning McCulloch's red card; something about the referee not stopping play or some such. There's also the small matter of them believing that nothing short of murder should merit even a yellow card for a Bisto FC player! That'll be why they lost last night; McCulloch wasn't there to take the Queens' players out with his trademark forearm smash. It's a conspiracy, so it is!

And now we've discovered why Ashley didn't seem that bothered about the Real Raynjurz Men taking over; they actually haven't achieved that much. All they've won is a shite stadium, with question marks over who actually owns it, and a shite football team. Everything else, it appears, belongs to Ashley; he's got security over Murray Park, the Albion Car Park and Edmiston House, 75% of the retail business and now it emerges that he owns the rights to all the trademarks, even the word 'Ready'! He could even charge Bisto FC for having the Rangers crest on their shirts! I wonder if he owns the rights to those kid-on stars as well. This farce keeps getting better and better. We'll miss them when they've finally gone. Oh, and Mike - remember to leave some for Big Sandy!

I was on the SNP website and it struck me that they're doing their best to entice the Hun vote. How else to describe where they've got their headquarters in Edinburgh? Have you seen the address? Gordon LAMB House. And that's located in JACKSON'S ENTRY. Honest Dave King and the rest of the Real Raynjurz Men will know all about that!

Speaking of the SNP, have a read at this story. My God! Well, that's changed my mind for me. I'm voting Labour now!

Finally, another daft article in the Daily Record - Things to do with the kids over the Easter Holidays. Why not just do what parents used to do when I was wee? Open the door and tell them to 'Get tae fuck and don't come back till dinner time!' Problem solved!

"Let my peeppul go!"

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