Wednesday, 1 April 2015


It's amazing how everybody connected with Ibrox honestly believes that Scottish football needs their club. How else to explain Honest Dave's attempt to blackmail the SFA? All this shite about him not investing if he isn't cleared as a 'fit and proper person' is obviously intended to hold Scottish football to ransom. The thing is, though, it's all a waste of time. Our football authorities are under the same illusion and passing King as fit is merely a rubber-stamp job. The big problem is going to be with the Stock Exchange; they couldn't give a shit about 'historic institutions', The Peeppul or even Scottish football for that matter.

While everybody's being blindsided by the supposed hunt for a NOMAD, it takes away the focus from what Honest Dave's really up to. The likes of Keith Jackson is in panic mode, as if being de-listed is a major catastrophe; but is it? Not for King, it's not. If Bisto FC is booted off the AIM then it's not just a case of not being able to trade shares on the open market; it also effectively ends any jurisdiction the Stock Exchange has at Ibrox. It amazes me that nobody else can see that this is what King wants. Then again, the narrative of the past few years leaves little room for manoeuvre

We've been constantly told how 'Rangers' has been hard-done by. The whole world is full of 'Raynjurz-Haturz', queuing up to put the boot in. HMRC, the Scottish Government, the SFA, the SPL, the SFA, the SPFL, the EU, the Boy Scouts Association, the RSPCA etc. etc. etc. They even go on about the 'Raynjurz-Hating' media, despite the fact that our Fourth Estate has bent over backwards to maintain the Big Lie and beat the drum for the 'Real Raynjurz Men'. So what's to stop the whole UK financial community having it in for the new club as well? The new Bisto board is apparently desperately seeking a NOMAD but they all seem to be reluctant to help; what can you expect when they've got names like W. H. Ireland? Meanwhile the 'Raynjurz-Haturz' in the London Stock Exchange are all geared up to inflict 'unfair punishments' on the club. The fingers of blame are already being lined up, ready to point.

King, meanwhile, will be able to stroll into his position of chairman with no need whatsoever of having to prove his fitness. All that would matter would be the shareholders accepting him. And then, without any nosey bastards from the Stock Exchange to interfere, Honest Dave can run the place any way he likes. Without the necessity for transparency, nobody needs to know that King is putting no money in or where any funds raised are coming from. If anybody demands answers then tough; it's all the fault of the Stock Exchange for de-listing the company. We can then go back to the good old days of press handouts from Ibrox and nobody questioning what's going on behind closed doors. And then we'll have the ending the agnivores have wanted all along: Jabba redux - lapsus resurgat.

The Sevco Vaudeville continues, meanwhile, with the news that if Bisto FC manages to get into the Premiership then they have to pay NUFC half-a-million quid as a bonus for providing those five players to get the job done. Four of those lads are currently on The Panel with Bubonic Plague and the WHO is already involved. Talk about a scorched earth policy! The outgoing board has obviously poisoned the wells too as they retreated. Not that McMurdo's disciples are concerned; they seem to think the whole bother and expense is worth it just to have Vuckic in the team. They're still in love with Ashley, it appears.

They're also deriding the new board (of course) for doing exactly what the old board did: relying on short-term loans and not letting everybody know what's going on. I sense another boycott coming on and the smell of a new set of pishy bedsheets is already in the air. Still, they've got the comfort of knowing, as our old friend, cut-and-paste artist Wullie WontHe reminds them, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Aye, God's been looking after them well these past few years, eh?

And just so we remember that The Peeppul aren't just about shares and nomads, we're provided with a link to one of those kid-on historians, who uses some dubious evidence to convince the hard-of-thinking that Protestantism has always been modernist and forward-looking, while Catholicism was a system that held everybody back. This type of reasoning always ignores the fact that Erasmus and other Renaissance men, who kickstarted the Reformation, were actually products of that Catholic system. No wonder real historians laugh at this type of idiot! There's also the little matter of Scotland; a poor backwater that was actually held back by its fundamentalist Protestant society.

It was last night I wrote that little lot and, today, McMurdo has posted a blog saying more about the Bisto Board. For example, Are The Peeppul going to be happy to wait another seven years to get 'back' to the top? And where's all the transparency Honest Dave was banging on about? Meanwhile, shareholders large and small have been reporting the new board, not just for lying about already having a NOMAD in place but for running a campaign to deliberately cause share prices to fall. I remember reading the other day that Bisto FC/Sevco holds the record at the Stock Exchange for most complaints submitted in a year. It looks like they're going  for two-in-a-row! It certainly doesn't bode well. But they've still got God on their side, even if he does seem to be  working in mysterious ways!

Which brings me back, in a roundabout way, to Mr. Cutandpaste's words of wisdom. As usual, all he's interested in is the Catholic Church. (I notice, incidentally, that he makes no mention of the guy taking his child victim to Ibrox or that vicar's son, who abused youngsters - I wonder why.) He betrays his sheer ignorance with the following shite about his beloved Orange Order: "a true Orangeman’s opposition is against the erroneous doctrines propagated by the Church of Rome, for example the Mass, confession of sins to another human being, worship and adoration of any human." Right, so offering up a celebration to God is wrong? Not to mention the fact that C of E services are not that far removed from being Masses, so, presumably, the OO is opposed to them too. The Lutheran Church also has confessional boxes and then there is the old, Presbyterian tradition of confessing your sins in public; so that's another lot of Protestants out. Worship and adoration of any human? Well either David Icke is correct in his assertion that she's a reptile from outer space or there are a lot of sinners in the OO that worship and adore auld Frau Windsor. My God, they even hate each other!

Lastly, another call for more reviews for 'Fear and Smear' on Amazon. Come on - nearly 200 folk have bought the book (Thanks!) so I'm expecting 200 reviews! Even if you think it's a pile of shite, tell us your reasons, which is more than the huns currently marking the book down have done!

"What're they tryin' tae bring me intae it fur? Ah'm a rugby man!"


  1. Excellent blog, great read HH

  2. pat have you seen this https://rangerssupportersloyal.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/a-mess-of-our-own-making-a-wake-up-call-to-the-rangers-support/

    1. Seen it, Shaun. I don't think it'll be too long before the bedsheet wavers start targeting King and his cronies.

  3. pat have you seen this https://rangerssupportersloyal.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/a-mess-of-our-own-making-a-wake-up-call-to-the-rangers-support/

  4. I wish I had the command of the language that you bloggers have,it,s a pleasure to read the critique of the cheats and their fellow travelers in in the "meeja"world.Keep up the great work.