Thursday, 7 May 2015


Aha! And I say again; aha! At last the truth has come out about the circumstances surrounding Hibs last year being allowed not to charge season-book holders for the play-offs. The new rules were brought in after Hibs had sold their season tickets, so the SPFL decided it was only fair that those supporters shouldn't have to pay. That puts an entirely different slant on things and completely undermines the case that some kind of precedent was set last season; it wasn't.

Right from the start, Hibs, Hearts and Motherwell have been unhappy about the rules governing the play-offs, especially the SPFL levy. At a vote in April this year every club bar those three elected to maintain the status quo. That means Bisto FC voted to keep things as they are. Leeann Dempster was disappointed, of course, but was happy to 'move on'. So why, now, is a club that voted against her proposals suddenly kicking up such an almighty stink?

The answer is clear: The Peeppul can't accept their club follow-following anybody else's lead. They've got to hold onto their belief that they are the natural leaders in Scottish football. So, rather sleekitly, the Real Raynjurz Men opted to vote to keep things as they are in order to claim, through their mouthpiece, the Daily Record, that they're somehow leading a rebellion against injustice. In actual fact they're leading nothing, except, as usual, The Peeppul down the garden path that Sooperally has just cleared of weeds.

Speaking of the Daily Record, they had a story about Sports Direct's HQ being 'raided' by police, which, according to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is a load of Craig Whyte. I know which one I believe! At any rate, Mike Ashley wouldn't worry too much about a visit from the boys in blue. A quick search around the internet reveals that he's been in trouble with the long arm of the law before; it also reveals that he has a tried-and-trusted method of dealing with such inconveniences. He grasses up everybody else and gets off for all the information he's provided and for being a witness! If anybody at Ibrox thinks it's a good idea to set the polis on him, they'd better think again!

Today, as everybody knows, is polling day and there's a bit of deja vu about it all for me. Every year about this time elections are held for a new President and Vice-President of the Students Union at Stirling. My abiding memory is of Communist and Socialist parties slagging each other off, Liberals pretending to be 'independent' candidates, even though no Liberals stood against them, joke candidates standing for a laugh (it costs nothing to stand), Anarchists standing on a platform of not taking up their positions if elected and Tories promising to abolish the Students Union altogether if they were voted in. The Labour supporters would sit at a table and accost passers-by with the same story every year: "Did you know there's a good chance of the Tories actually being elected? You'll need to vote Labour to keep them out. What's that? You're voting for your pal that's the Independent Dog Fuckers Party candidate? Well, make sure you put down the Labour candidate as second choice. We've got to make sure the Tories don't get in!"

It seems the tactics they use in university elections are the only ones they know and it's a desperate plea from Ed Miliband in today's Daily Record. Vote for Labour or the Tories will win! It was a load of shite when I was at university and it's a pile of similar shite now. What Labour, especially in Scotland, can't seem to understand is that they're viewed as being not much different to the Tories nowadays. Why the hell do they think we've all switched to SNP? Yet, all they can offer us are the same, tired, old scare stories.

The Daily Record has shocking news as well. It looks like Labour will be reduced to six Scottish MPs and the Lib-Dems to just one. Well, I was certainly shocked. I'm hoping that there'll be no Unionist MP left in the country after today!

So, good luck to all the SNP candidates and hopefully everybody'll be out voting. Keep safe - no doubt there'll be a few of The Peeppul lurking about, trying to 'persuade' folk not to vote SNP. Say nothing to them no matter what the provocation, otherwise we'll be reading about 'Cybernat thugs' and 'riots' in tomorrow's papers!

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