Thursday, 21 May 2015


Well it was hardly a surprise, was it? We all knew it would happen so there's no point moaning about it. The best thing to do is to sit back and laugh at everything that's going to unfold. It's already starting to unfold and it won't be long until it starts to unravel. Gary Ralston is going on about King and his cronies investing 'on a debt-for-equity basis.' Now that sounds suspiciously to me like the same kind of deal Ashley was offering. When Ashley did it, it was called 'a loan'; when the 'Real Raynjurz Men' do it, it's called 'investment'. In other words, there's no money so the Record is just spinning a load of Level 5 pish.

Apparently the South African authorities had nothing bad to say about Honest Dave; he's loved from Cape Town to Johannesburg, it seems. Would the SA authorities really do this? You bet your arse they would! It's an old ploy that schools are meant to use to get rid of somebody that's hopeless; give them a glowing reference to piss of to a promoted post elsewhere and then it's somebody else's problem. The South African authorities have probably jumped at the chance to get rid of King and his dirty money! Ralston tries to make it all sound good:

"Indeed, most of King’s business is done with the South African government and if he was so disgraced in his adopted homeland they would be unlikely to grant him the bulk of his work with Micromega Holdings, which oversees areas such as IT, procurement, recruitment and financial services."

He hasn't got a clue, has he? Either that or he thinks the rest of us have heads that button up the back. Our own government is exposed from time to time as doing business with some very dodgy characters; usually via a few well-placed backhanders. Does Ralston really believe, or expect us to believe, that the same kind of thing doesn't happen in South Africa? In fact, African governments are notorious for corruption and being associated with them is usually a sign that a company is at best morally dubious. With some of the gangsters with whom King has been linked in the South African media, it wouldn't be at all surprising to learn that he has dealings with corrupt government officials.

When everything goes tits-up - and it will - the scapegoats have already been lined up. The revolting Ralston tries to point the blame for the long delay in King's being declared 'fit and proper' by saying that Honest Dave's 'issues with the tax man' could have seen him "fall foul of Hampden powerbrokers such as Peter Lawwell at Celtic and Rod Petrie at Hibs". Keith Jackson also makes sure he mentions that Peter Lawwell and Rod Petrie helped make the decision. As soon as things start going wrong, you just know that The Peeppul, and the likes of Jackson, will be saying that Lawwell put King in charge to 'kill oaff Raynjurz!'

So why would Peter Lawwell pass Honest Dave as fit and proper? The answer is easy: money. Lawell is just as keen as any of them to get Sevco into the top tier and start up what will be called the 'Old Firm Derby'. Remember, he was quite ready to let Sevco stroll into the SPL three years ago, until the supporters changed his mind for him. It always seems to be the way at Celtic; the pound sign is more important than any other consideration to the ones in charge. Anyone that's read 'A Toast to Charlie Hanrahan' will be familiar with the 1909 Hampden Riot, where both Celtic and Rangers supporters suspected a fix to fleece them of more money. The difference in attitude toward Scottish football between Celtic supporters and the Celtic board is of long standing!

As for the investigation itself, our media is desperate to make King appear hard-done-by. The fact is that a five-year-old would have taken five minutes to realise that not only was King not fit and proper to take charge of a football club, he wasn't fit and proper to even be allowed into the country. The reason why the whole thing took so long is obviously because the SFA were scrutinising their own rules minutely to find every wee loophole they could. Ralston sees it differently.

"King will no doubt look on with interest in seasons to come and see if others who are willing to invest in Scottish football are subject to the same vigorous level of investigation."

If they happen to be convicted criminals, well-known crooks and proven liars then, yes, they should be investigated fully. Ralston, however, is playing up to the Huns, implying that there was only an investigation because it 'wiz Raynjurz'!

Speaking of Huns, those scenes at Ibrox last night were an absolute disgrace. Not content with handing over less than a thousand tickets to Hibs, they also ensured that things were disrupted as much as possible. Various items were thrown onto the pitch around the Hibs goalkeeper and whenever Hibs were taking a corner, while the stewards stood and watched and made no move whatsoever to stop the crowd. Most of the missiles were paper and cardboard but the Hibs players weren't to know that; monkeys are renowned for throwing their own shit at folk. Whenever the ball ended up with the crowd, The Peeppul refused to return it, throwing it to each other while grinning and laughing moronically. On one occasion a smirking Hunlet threw the ball to the ground, meaning that the Hibs player had to climb over the hoardings to get it. When all this was happening a ball boy should have been immediately supplying a replacement ball. The fact that nobody did shows that Sevco was complicit in this childish behaviour. I doubt any other club's supporters would behave this way; certainly no other club's supporters would be permitted to get away with it!

The match officials did their bit as well. Both Sevco goals were well-taken, but the lead-up to the first one involved a Hibs player being pushed to the ground from behind. The commentator said that Hibs 'lacked bite' in the final third of the pitch, even though they were playing much better than Sevco. Anyone watching closely would have seen the orgy of shoving and obstructing that went on around the Sevco goal area; all of it ignored by the referee. And then, at the end, with all the stoppages and time-wasting by the co-ordinated crowd, there were only four minutes added on. You can be sure that if the same tactics are employed at Easter Rd by an angry home crowd there'll be at least ten minutes added on; depending, of course, on what the score is!

Have you been reading that stuff about the big 'Republican terrorist' trial? The main character in the dock, Antoin Duffy, already seemed something of a fantasist and now it's emerged that he's addicted to Tramadol. Hundreds of hours of police time have been wasted following this clown about, which probably amounts to a seven-figure sum of money. He actually went into a crowded Brazen Head pub and accosted Anthony Stokes to ask him if his da could supply him with guns. He's obviously a well-trained IRA operative, eh? He's also under the impression that he could start a war by killing two old UDA has-beens, who were chased out of Northern Ireland by their own people. The guy obviously should be in a padded cell with a box of crayons instead of all this money and manpower being wasted on him. What the hell is going on?

In a similar vein, I'm beginning to wonder about all these reports of the atrocities being committed by ISIS. In North Korea, apparently, they show films depicting life in the 'decadent' West, with scenes of starving people eating pigeons, and even each other. We all laugh at how ingenuous these folk are, waving wee flags at military parades and at an unelected head of state, who gestures patronisingly to them from a balcony. Er...wait a minute...

Anyway, we've already seen, during the independence referendum and the general election,  how much our media lie to us; who's to say they're telling the truth about burning virgins and gay men being hurled to their deaths from high buildings? It's almost as if they're building up hatred for a reason. I sense another war coming up. And for anyone arguing that it's UN representatives that are telling us about these atrocities, they should watch a film called 'The Whistleblower', which tells the truth about UN activities.

Finally, does anyone have any idea what Myra Hindley was doing in the Directors' Box at Ibrox?


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