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I like to go on Amazon now and again to see if there are any new reviews on my books. The other day I came across this one about 'Clash of the Agnivores':

 The usual message from a Hun that twists its own logic back upon itself. First the mainstream media is complicit in covering up child abuse at Celtic, so obviously can't be trusted; then he derides positive comments about the book by saying that it's 'not what the mainstream media would write'. So, in the space of a couple of lines, the mainstream media has gone from untrustworthy co-conspirators with Celtic to the only ones where you can find the truth. He then quotes his granny (is this Leggat, by any chance?) in saying that he 'blames the schools'. I wonder what school this cretin went to. One thing's for sure; I didn't teach him. I would at least have taught him that if you write something it needs to make sense!

Still, even a moron can ignite some spark in those of us with more than one brain cell and so I started to think: why not? It's about time somebody laid this particular ghost to rest and silenced all the filthy Huns spreading lies and slander. Even if I decided against writing it, there was no harm in doing a bit of preliminary research. That's when I discovered something: it looks like there has been a cover-up and somebody has gone to a lot of trouble.

First of all there's Torbett himself. Some places call him a 'Rangers-supporting Protestant' and even a 'Freemason'; while others claim that, although born a Protestant he was brought up a Catholic. He was involved in some business that made trophies and I've seen him variously described as the owner, the chairman, the manager and the general manager. I've even read him described as a millionaire in some places. All this stuff, however, seems to be conjecture. It's impossible to find any details about his background or adult life. I find this strange for the main figure in such a high-profile case.

Then there's his involvement with a Rangers Boys' Club. Again, this is conjecture as no details can be found. In fact, no details whatsoever can be found about Rangers Boys' Clubs in the 20th Century. It's as if the idea never occurred to anyone connected to Rangers until the year 2000. I've read in a couple of places that Barry Ferguson was a product of a Rangers Supporters Association Boys' Club, which is the only reference I can find to the existence of such an organisation prior to the start of this millennium. Strangely, The Peeppul are always banging on about 'their history' but this piece of it seems to have vanished. Maybe Charles Green bought it and threw it on the fire, eh?

The whole 'BJK' pish is based around the word of one individual: Hugh Birt. One Sevco site speaks of 'Hugh Birt’s 25-year crusade has been to unmask perverts like Jim Torbett.' Really? If he knew all about it then why didn't he contact the police? He was asked this in court and claimed that he did not 'have enough evidence'. Now that's a load of crap. According to him he had boys and their parents complaining to him so he had plenty to take to the police, whose job it is to find the evidence. He was also questioned about his relationship with Torbett when the latter returned to the Boys' Club in 1986. He admitted that he worked closely with Torbett and had a good relationship. This, however, wasn't followed up. Birt supposedly had a meeting with Kevin Kelly and Jock Stein and quite a few places claim that the 'minutes from that meeting have vanished'. Birt claimed the meeting took place in his car; so why would there be minutes? Something smells here.

Looking for information about Hugh Birt brings one up against a brick wall as well. Did he have some kind of grudge against Celtic or Jock Stein? Any searches only throw up his involvement in Torbett's court case, usually on some Hun website, the story of the NHS taking his prosthetic legs off him and the odd photograph of Celtic players. Only the constantly-regurgitated account of his evidence in court lets you know that he took over as head of the Boys' Club.

Google these days has the caveat that some results might have been removed due to the 'Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision on the right to be forgotten'. Anyone can apply for their name or organisation to be removed from search engines, making it difficult for us nosey bastards to find anything out. There's a touch of the 'Ministry of Truth' about all this. I'll keep digging and see if I can turn up anything. If I can't then the old-fashioned means of research will be blocked as well. I can't see anyone at Ibrox or Hugh Birt helping me with my enquiries, can you?

Meanwhile those world-beaters from Govan march on with a 5-1 drubbing of the mighty Alloa at Recreation Park. But wait, what's that word there in amongst the gushing praise of the Record's match report. Penalty? Now there's an unusual event in a Sevco match! But with a score like that it wouldn't have made any difference. Then again, it came after Alloa had had the nerve to equalise, and put Sevco back in front. Not that I'm accusing anybody of anything...I mean, far be it from me to put a dampener on the world-class performance of this 'revolutionary' team.

And I see that Labour, in the shape of Glasgow Council, have buggered things up again. All the furniture from the Commonwealth Games that was supposed to go to the needy has been left to rot in warehouses in Renfrew. The stuff was supposed to be handed out last September so what the hell's been going on? The Glasgow Housing Association, who were in charge of the furniture, claim that only some has been ruined. A spokesman said, "All items damaged are fully covered through insurance". Now I wonder into whose pocket that insurance money will go. I also wonder how long it will take for the Daily Record to find some way to blame the Scottish Government for this scandal.

Speaking of which, there's some kind of stooshie going on about a chandelier in Bute House. Apparently there are suspicions that it was looted from a German house at the end of WWII. Investigations are under way and, no doubt, the SNP will be blamed for this as well! To my mind, though, there shouldn't be any investigation, unless there's an indication that the chandelier was originally stolen from some Jewish person's house, in which case it should be returned to the original owner. Otherwise, I say, 'Fuck them!' Rich Germans got even richer under Hitler's regime, usually at the expense of the slave labour of concentration camp inmates and prisoners of war, including soldiers from Britain. (Except for the officers, of course, who sat about with nothing else to do but dig tunnels!) So, once again, I say, 'Fuck them!'

While we're on the subject, I take it the museums in London are going to return all the treasures looted from Egypt? And what about the Elgin Marbles? We could go back even further and demand that Venice return all the art treasures it looted from Constantinople. Somehow I doubt anyone will be looking into these cases any time soon. A more worthwhile investigation would be into the Swiss banks that held the gold melted down from the fillings of extermination camp victims and whether there are any German families still living off the proceeds. Or what about industrialists like the directors of IG Farben, who used Jewish slave labour and made huge profits from the production of Zyklon B. The company was broken up after the war but the directors, after a derisory term of imprisonment, were returned to their directorships in the new companies. Like I said, 'Fuck them!'

"Returnen sie meinen light fittings! Schnell!"


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