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Before I say anything else I'd better remember to mention the Celtic News Now app for iPhones. I promised Mick that I'd plug it a couple of days ago but I forgot all about it! Unlike my books, this app is free - so there's no excuse for not downloading it, even if you don't have an iPhone! There's a campaign to get it to the top of the app charts, which everyone can help to do by downloading it. (Obviously you don't install it if you're not downloading to an iPhone or iPad.) And remember, it's free, so even the most tight-fisted among us can do their bit. Just follow the link below:


You'll need to download iTunes and set up an account but this also is free and extremely painless. Once you've downloaded the CNN app you can easily remove iTunes from your computer in the Control Panel. Even though you're not using the app it'll still show up that you downloaded it and help it up the charts. So, go on. It only takes about ten minutes to do the whole thing.

N.B. When installing iTunes, make sure you untick the boxes that make it the default player for audio files.

And now, on with the show...

In the early 19th Century the British Government employed spies to keep an eye on possible insurrectionists. These characters were paid by results, i.e. arrests, so it was in their interests to make sure that conspiracies actually happened. The best way to do this was by inciting groups to take part in illegal activities and then informing on them. The most famous example of this was the Cato Street Conspiracy of 1820, which was a plot to assassinate the government in one fell swoop. They were going to burst into a dinner, armed with pistols and grenades and slaughter everyone there. They would then incite the people to rise up against their oppressors. Unfortunately, the whole idea had come from a police informer, who even provided money to buy weapons, and the dinner party was a complete invention. Most of the conspirators were hanged, one was sent to Australia for life and the agent moved onto his next money-making scheme.

The reason I mention this is that the same kind of thing seems to be happening nowadays. The police and security services are on red alert over a supposed plan by UK jihadists to kill the Queen at this weekend's VJ Day commemoration. Hundreds, if not thousands, are expected at the event so there could, potentially, be unprecedented deaths and injuries. The problem is, however, that this information comes from a 'sting' by SKY news. Journalists set up fake accounts and fake social media sites to 'entrap' terrorists. There is a very fine line between entrapment and incitement but in a situation like this legal niceties go straight out the window.

Agents provocateurs can only operate in a climate of fear; a climate that, in the early 19th Century, they helped to engender by 'uncovering' rebellious plots. It would be interesting to see everything that was discussed on these fake sites and discover if the SKY journalists were actually encouraging jihadists to plot some kind of attack. The other possibility, of course, is that the 'jihadists' are just as fake as the SKY accounts and sites. Perhaps nobody is planning any kind of attack whatsoever. Even if the 'jihadists' were real, that's still no guarantee that they're planning, or even capable of, a high-profile, terrorist attack.

When the VJ Day commemoration is over you won't hear a thing about 'false alarms' or 'incorrect information'. Instead we'll be told that our police and security forces were up to the task of thwarting these evil, Islamic terrorists. It looks like documentary maker Adam Curtis is correct; our government keeps itself in power by feeding us information about terrorists, from whom they are there to protect us!

And it's not just in the field of international terrorism that agents provocateurs are active. It was fairly obvious that such characters were active during the independence referendum and the general election. It's more than probable that all the 'Cybernat' abuse on social media was orchestrated at Thames House in London. Everyone scoffs at such suggestions as if such a thing weren't possible, but it was a different story when comments appeared on Twitter, bearing Kezia Dugdale's name, using the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to advocate having nuclear weapons. Suddenly it was entirely possible and we were told that her account had been hacked. So if somebody that doesn't like, or agree with, Dugdale can do it then what's to stop MI5? It's not as if they haven't done such things before!

The real desperation at Westminster and/or Thames House is now being shown by the ridiculous announcement of a 'new political party'. Apparently the SNP can't be trusted to deliver independence so 'somebody' has started a new party, called the 'Scottish Independence Party'. It all sounds a bit suspect to me! The Unionist media, of course, are all over it, hoping that this will lead to a split in the independence vote, while Unionist comments in the newspaper forums are derisory to say the least.

Supposedly this new party has been founded by a character called Coinneach Mac Eachain. I Googled this name and found that references to it had mysteriously disappeared. There was a YouTube account in this name but it has been deleted and there's no trace of him on Twitter or Facebook, which is strange given his apparent devotion to the cause of independence. The website and Twitter accounts of the Scottish Independence Party mysteriously vanished almost as soon as they were put up. So what the hell's going on?

The website scottishindependence.com earlier today had extracts from the SIP site; extracts that were far more interesting and telling than those in the newspapers. There was stuff about SIP not having baggage like the 'nationalist' tag of the SNP and promises were made that 'fundraisers' would help with the cost of candidates' deposits. I intended to provide a link to this article but it has disappeared as well. This time, though, there is nothing sinister in the disappearance; instead it has been replaced with a STOP PRESS article. It appears that the SIP and its website are the responsibility of an old friend; one Alistair McConnachie.

In case you've forgotten about McConnachie, he's an ex UKIP member, who was kicked out the party for denying the Holocaust. He's also a friend and hero of Bill McMurdo, who used to provide a link to McConnachie's pish on his blog. McConnachie goes around giving talks to thick Orangemen about how British folk are descended from the Israelites and how we all need to stay in the Union to fulfil God's great plan for the Scotland. It's the usual shite that's fed to Orangemen in the guise of history. He's certainly the last person to want to set up an independence party.

Like I said at the start, it looks like we've still got agents provocateurs working against the ordinary people. The big question is: who's paying them?

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