Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Reading the Sunday Mail the other day (online - nobody in their right mind would buy it), although they use phrases like Celtic running riot and the like, Michael Gannon makes sure he points out how rubbish Dundee were. So it's just been a lucky blip in the ongoing crisis. On the other hand, Sevco are torn a new arse by St. Johnstone but it seems they were perhaps a shade unlucky. Although the Record headline screams that Sevco had been bitten by reality, we're also told how well they played and how plucky they were. The man-by-man scores show not a lot of difference between St. Johnstone and Sevco. Reading that piece you'd be forgiven for thinking that St. Johnstone only won 1-0 by means of a dodgy penalty!

In reality, however, Sevco have been shown up for the crappy team they actually are, relying on dodgy refereeing decisions to beat part-time teams. But we all know that they'll still be built up as world beaters by the agnivores and a decent run in the Petrofac Cup will be portrayed as being akin to Celtic's achievement in 1967! Oh, and if Sevco actually win the thing we'll be told how jealous we all are that Celtic don't have that particular trophy to show off!

Meanwhile, over at Ibrox, more blazers are being handed out. Richard Gough is rewarded for his efforts on behalf of Honest Dave last year with the laughable title of 'Global Ambassador'. That'll be an easy job; a couple of trips to Belfast each year to rouse The Peeppul over there. Well, he's hardly going to be welcome with open arms anywhere else, is he? As has been proven time and again, the much-vaunted 'worldwide support' is nothing more than a myth. Still, it gets Gough off the street and away from folk's bank accounts.

McMurdo's disciples have been left hanging somewhat with his, and his friend's, disappearance from the Rangers (sic) Supporters Loyal website. That effectively means that the site is finished. Although McMurdo was always at pains to make us believe that it wasn't his site, his comments on it suggested otherwise. On a few occasions, adverse comments were let through moderation, with McMurdo saying, "I have allowed this comment..." How did that work if it wasn't his site? He hasn't really given any reasons for doing walking away so perhaps the unthinkable has happened: could it be that McMurdo has accepted a blazer and brogues? Well, stranger things have happened in this long saga.

Speaking of long sagas, I'm beginning to get the impression that Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is being viewed more and more as our version of PZJ. The latter has become something of a joke among The Peeppul; he's still got a hard core of followers, who read his shite more in hope than belief, but most of them are disappointed that his promises of Celtic being dragged through UK and European courts have come to nothing. Phil's beginning to sound the same. We've been reading for a couple of years now how things are about to come to a head and it's the final curtain for Sevco; and it hasn't happened yet. Like PZJ and his friend the Derry Dinosaur Jockey, it's all starting to look like wishful thinking. But, we still live in hope.

Staying on the subject of bloggers, it's time we paid a bit of a tribute to one of blogging's unsung heroes. I'm speaking, of course, of Mick, who has been performing a sterling service with his blog, Bampots Utd, for years now. Not only does Mick write posts himself, but he wades through acres of digital shite to guide us toward the stuff that's worth reading. There are quite a few bloggers that have reason to be grateful to Mick, and I'm one of them. Since Mick featured my blog a good while back my readership has increased dramatically, especially since it led to my being featured on Celtic News Now. And then there's the fact that he's always first in line to plug my books; but that's a different story.

It's time to vote for the Football Blogging Awards and I urge you to vote for Bampots Utd. Mick, in his usual, modest fashion, will be encouraging everyone to vote for other blogs; ignore him and vote for his blog instead. Vote for Bampots Utd. in the category Best Established Football Blog. Click the link here to vote.

There we go and not one mention of pigs. Oh, well, seeing as how I've gone and done it now: never mind stories about our elite shagging pigs; let's see some investigation into their other perverted activities in Dolphin Square and other places!

P.S. After watching Doctor Who it struck me that it's become part of the BBC's Better Together propaganda. They must love us really since both The Doctor and The Master have turned Scottish. Who needs independence, eh?

"There was no gulf in class, it was sheer bad luck. Football is all about the random elements of the game. Those didn’t go our way. I mean, we didn't get one penalty or an opposition player sent off throughout the whole game. What's that all about?"

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