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I use AOL as my home page, mainly because I used to be with them so I'm used to it. They display links to the latest news stories but I guess they don't employ journalists because they tend to just regurgitate what's in the papers. I suppose they just trawl newspaper websites to find something interesting, get somebody to rewrite it to make it look like their own work and Robert's your da's brother! One of the links they had yesterday said, 'Football Club Told to Improve Pay.' That sounds like some official pronouncement against a team badly underpaying its staff. You've probably already guessed which team the story is about. Click the link and the headline says, 'Celtic urged to pay living wage to club staff. MP puts pressure on the club.'

You can just imagine the reaction of folk reading this in England. 'Bleedin' Jawks! One club robs the taxman and another robs its employees!' In fact, it was an MSP, not an MP, that was calling on Celtic to pay the Living Wage. The story makes it look as if Celtic is the only club in the whole of Britain that's not doing this. Of course, the story comes from the Daily Record. It's what our agnivores in the Scottish media call 'balance'. Things are bad for Rangers and Sevco at the moment so it's only 'fair' that they print something bad about Celtic; even though not paying the Living Wage probably applies to every other club in the UK, apart from Hearts. But when did facts ever stand in the way of our agnivores and their agenda?

It's not the first time the cowards in our media try to 'balance' things and it won't be the last. It's the same with Nil By Mouth, who are too craven to actually point the finger at the bigots. Again, they try to achieve 'balance' by making stupid claims that the word 'Huns' is sectarian and bigoted, as well as trying to make out that calling folk that sing The Sash 'Dirty Orange Bastards' are somehow prejudiced against Protestants. That's like saying that black people in America are racist if the say anything about the KKK. It's this cowardly inability to actually do something about bigotry that allows it to keep happening.

The Daily Record has actually gone further than that and has decided to wallow in the filth of Orange bigotry itself. How else to explain the editorial decision to publish Alex Mooney's disgusting article, which tried to accuse everybody wanting the Tainted Titles stripped of bigotry and hatred. Moving on, he said, would 'infuriate the self-proclaimed, proud ‘bampots’ on social media toiling away 24/7 in pursuit of justice for Scottish football.' He also says that us 'bampots' believe that 'the Protestant establishment club cheated on an industrial scale and the corrupt SFA and mainstream media were in cahoots in a whitewash.' In other words, the call to strip the Tainted Titles is motivated by sectarian hatred. I wonder what the supporters of other teams have to say about that.

While following this particular point of view, it's strange that all of our media has completely ignored the campaign to get Celtic stripped of titles and honours. A sad, wee man has been beavering away in Belfast to desperately try to discover something, anything, that he can use in his endeavours to bring down Celtic. He's well-known at Glasgow City Council for bombarding them with FOI requests. And what does he do with all his collected works? He hands them over to his 'friend' at Stormont. It doesn't take much investigation to find out who this 'friend' is. At one point they were all excited on McMurdo's website when PZJ, the sad Belfast man in question, announced that his MP 'friend' was asking the Chancellor at Westminster to investigate Celtic as part of the Government enquiry into the Co-Op Bank. All I had to do was look at Hansard to discover that this MP was our old pal, the Derry Dinosaur Jockey, Gregory Campbell. Campbell has shown himself, on numerous occasions, to be obsessed with Celtic. In fact, most of his time at Stormont is spent demanding that Creationism is taught in schools, while his time at Westminster is devoted to Celtic.

His DUP colleagues are similarly obsessed, especially the ones in the European Parliament. They've been badgering UEFA, the EU and the EC for years now about every wee thing they can dream up about Celtic. PZJ's collection of 'investigations' was a godsend to these people. Soon, they had persuaded the EC to look into the matter. Our media reported that Celtic was being investigated by the EC, but they refused to disclose who was behind it. It's not as if it's hard to discover; I'm no investigative reporter, but I found it easy. The only conclusion to be reached is that our media don't want to disclose this pathetic campaign. The most likely reason for that is that they agree with it.

So, while accusing all us bampots of being bigots, our media is quite happy to cover up a filthy, sectarian campaign against Celtic. This is tantamount to collusion. I think more needs to be done to let our agnivores, and The Peeppul, know that we are aware of this. Any time a newspaper is banging on about 'moving on' or questioning the motives behind wanting punishment for cheating, mention the ongoing campaign by Gregory Campbell and the DUP. According to Hector, over on Bampots Utd, the latest attempt to get Audit Scotland involved in their campaign has failed, just like all the others. But, remember, these desperate Peeppul have been trying to drag everyone into their conspiracy. They even got in touch with Historic Scotland to try to stop London Road School being demolished. When that failed, they resorted to contacting the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the SSPCA to check if there were bats in the building! They're bound to keep on going, while the media turns a blind eye. It's up to us to let the agnivores know that we know!

Speaking of bigotry, there's a new book out, or rather, an update of an old one, in which Neil Lennon expresses his disappointment at the lack of action in tackling bigotry in Scotland. The usual cry of, 'He brings it on himself' cuts no ice with Lennon; as he points out, he wasn't the only one to be sent bullets and bombs. The Peeppul, of course, are all over the story in the Record, accusing Lennon of being a bigot. Anyone that argues back is told to leave the country. The Record allows these comments to stand, while hypocritically condemning the ones that want to deny entry to all the refugees. Doesn't the Record realise that these are one and the same Peeppul?

And the bigoted and racist shite isn't the only stuff that the Record allows to be posted on its comments section. Have a look at this:

Now, I'm no legal expert, but that looks libellous to me. I wonder if Phil's aware of that one. It was there that whole day and into the next and is probably still there. The Daily Record would be liable for this slur, since they allowed it to be posted and allowed it to remain, even though they purport to practise moderation. Meanwhile, type in the word 'titles' and your post disappears in seconds. Disgusting bigots!

On a lighter note, I'm still looking for more of those children's rhymes and songs. I'm also looking for somebody to help me. Remember when we were wee, after doing Potatoes or Eeny-Meeny to find out who was 'het', we'd then work out what the person that was het had to count up to. There was a rhyme, 'I draw a snake upon your back...' which ended with 'Guess what finger - tip, tip.' They would then guess what finger you touched them with; every guess added ten to the amount they had to count to. What I want to know is, what was the rest of the rhyme? I remember something about drawing eyes and then cutting things away - snip, snip. That's as much as I can recall. Help!

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