Thursday, 5 November 2015


According to a statement on the Sevco website, the court decision in favour of HMRC will have no impact whatsoever on the new club that they insist on calling Rangers. Either they're totally stupid or they're in complete denial. Their argument is based on the Big Lie that says 'same club, different company'. Unfortunately for them, the law doesn't quite work that way.

The Peeppul honestly seem to believe that the court case involving Whyte, Green etc. is all about the accused 'bein' bad tae Raynjurz'. They can't seem to understand the implications if these chancers are all found guilty. The most important point is the little matter of 'RFC 2012 PLC'. Everything hinges on the legality or otherwise of this entity. If it's found to be illegal, then the consequences for the current club, and its 'holding company' don't bear thinking about if you happen to be a Hun.

Even if everything turns out to be hunky-dory with the new club/company, however, they're still not out of the woods. Under company law, if a new company is formed from the ashes of the old, has some of the same directors and carries out the exact same business, then it is, in effect a phoenix company. The difficulty of running a phoenix company lies in the fact that such a company can be liable for all the debts of the old one. I expect HMRC are already looking into the possibility of pursuing this line. The new company, of course, is completely skint so the only answer would be liquidation; a real one this time. We might yet see a Lidl replacing that vile monument to bigotry and racism!

The reaction of The Peeppul is as predictable as ever. "What aboot Nimmo Smith?" they bleat. "This is only wan court case among a few, an' the others aw fun' in favour-a Raynjurz!" As Monti is so fond of saying, stupid, stupid Huns! Nimmo Smith's pronouncements mean absolutely nothing in law. He was paid to do the job by the SFA and his findings are neither legal nor binding. As for the other court cases, they don't mean a thing anymore, as the Peeppul themselves were fond of telling us. Remember how they weren't worried about the First Tier Tribunal when they believed it was going to go against them? The Peeppul reminded us constantly that it was just the 'First Tier' and higher courts would decide. It works that way for HMRC as well. Face facts. Hector's won and that's all there is to it.

The craven SPFL, meanwhile, have been extremely quick off the mark in letting us know that there is 'no mechanism' for stripping titles from the cheating bastards and that they are 'powerless' to do so. Absolute pish! There was no mechanism either to deal with this new club pretending to be Rangers and no mechanism for shoehorning it into the leagues, but our authorities were quick enough to invent one. So get off your fucking arses and do the same now. Get those titles removed! Graham Spiers seems to think it wouldn't make a difference, but it does. It would stop the Huns from still trying to claim that their cheating team won all those titles.

I've finally got my book formatted and it's been uploaded to Amazon. It should be available in the next few days. Now, if anyone's near Monti, please get him to within walking distance of a defibrillator before he reads the next bit. The paperback is a door-stopping 530 pages, which, unfortunately, means that the price comes in at a whopping £11.99! (Better go fetch that defibrillator. Ready - clear!) I don't imagine I'll shift too many paperback copies. Fortunately the Kindle version is a more reasonable £1.99.

Finally, I haven't felt like celebrating too much, despite HMRC's triumph. My rabbit developed major problems with her teeth and had to be put down on Tuesday. It's strange how attached you can get to animals and, even though I'm a grown man (though some would debate that point), I'm absolutely devastated. It'll probably take me a while to get over it. Now I know how the Huns feel! I have no intention, however, of getting a new rabbit and pretending that it's still Malibu!

"Christ, Bomber, Ah'm pyoor shitin' masel'! D'ye think thull try 'n' take ma money back, 'n' 'at?"


  1. What is Celtic doing about this..These cheats have cost our club £mssss of pounds..What's the point of going to football matches when there's not a level playing field..The arogince of these Bastards is shocking..Straight away last nite they were bleeding on "Your no taking our titles..If the Sfa does nothing which they won't what's the point of going to the games..If Celtic do nothing about this I won't be back at Celtic Pk