Monday, 13 July 2015


At last - Part Two of the Ibrox saga is here!


Now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

'Clash of the Agnivores' left our intrepid heroes in the summer of 2014, with Honest Dave King running his season-book 'Trust Fund' to deprive the club's board of funding. The bedsheet-wavers were still out in force and the struggle to get Real Rangers Men into the Blue Room continued unabated. It was going to be an exciting season in the Championship and Neo-Gers were odds-on to win and progress to the Premiership. 'The Journey' was moving along, albeit stuttering and spluttering along the way. All it needed now was for Sooperally to make a few improvements to the team. To the delight of much of The People and the agnivores in the media, the Real Rangers Men eventually won out. All was right with the world and the rest of European football was going to be left behind in the wake of Neo-Gers as they were 'coming down the road. Meanwhile, there was a new PR company in town. Our old pal Jabba was back, now dispensing succulent lamb instead of eating it. The Scottish media fell into line, printing nothing but good news concerning the Ibrox team. It was just like the old days, with nobody in the press questioning a single thing they were told. So, it was the 1990s revisited, with no bad news at all, Real Rangers Men in charge and the promise of front-loaded warchests. It was as if the last three years had never happened. (Wake up, Pamela - somebody's in the shower!) This being Neo-Gers, however, everything wasn't quite what it seemed.

Paperback available here - £6.89
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  1. Hi pat
    Just bought your latest on ra peepul.
    Good crack as always .
    Also factually accurate which is nice.
    Keep it up .