Sunday, 26 July 2015


While our sports 'journalists' are still wiping the stickiness off their keyboards and the cleaners are trying to get the stains out of the carpets, we'll be hearing all the 'coming down the road' shite yet again. Rather shamefully, none of them seem prepared to acknowledge their own part in Hibs' defeat; no doubt they're all having a good snigger about it down the pub.

Throughout the match Hibs didn't look like a settled team. Scott Allan was left on the bench, after Sevco's desultory and derisory offers for him. Alan Stubbs has repeatedly stated that Allan is not for sale, especially not to one of their main rivals for promotion. So what was the point in making the 'offers' at all? Knowing full well that the ridiculous amounts they were offering would be thrown out immediately, there was only one reason for making these offers: to unsettle Allan and the rest of the team. The agnivores joined in, of course, all trying to tell Allan how he would be better off at Sevco. Then we had stories of Allan demanding to be released in order to play for his 'childhood heroes'. All of this was calculated to throw a spanner into Stubbs's preparations for Saturday and it worked a treat. Even when Hibs were a goal up and seemingly dominant, their minds just didn't appear to be on the job at hand. The passing was sloppy and the marking was poor, eventually making Sevco look a lot better than they are.

Of course, we'll hear how these guys are professionals and how they should be able to 'cope with the pressure' but that's a load of keich; they're only human, after all. I can remember a few occasions when my day was thrown by somebody having a go, like the time a parent started shouting and threatening to report me and the head teacher actually backed her up. I was blazing and it affected my attention the whole morning, until I was able to have it out with the head teacher, who soon backed down and apologised when I said I would phone the education department myself. Later, doing marking, I couldn't believe some of the things I'd missed in the class and had to re-teach the Maths lesson the next day. That was just me. Can you imagine how many times worse it must be when there's a whole squad of men involved, discussing and arguing about what's going on? And, to top it off, they're seeing all manner of shite in the papers. No wonder they couldn't play properly. A bloody disgusting state of affairs.

Meanwhile, the Daily Record is telling us that three men have been charged with 'singing sectarian songs' at Easter Road. There are no other details but I think we can all guess which team these three men support. And if you think I'm going to say 'Sevco', you're wrong. The whole Sevco support, practically, was apparently belting out the songbook, so they're hardly going to pick on three of them, are they? I didn't hear the singing myself as I didn't watch the whole match; once you see the Cuprinol Man celebrating a goal you know it's time to switch off! As usual, The Peeppul get away with singing whatever they want.

On the same subject, I see that Broadfoot is seeking legal advice so that he can sell, sorry, I mean tell, his side of the story. What's to tell? How could he possibly wriggle out of this one? Well, if it comes to the Scottish media, quite easily, actually. He can lie through his teeth and our agnivores will print it as the truth, whether they believe it or not. As time goes by the story will be twisted to make it seem that McClean was the aggressor and poor Broadfood the victim. Our media has previous for this sort of thing.

On the 6th March 1997 Celtic hosted Rangers in the quarter-final of the Scottish Cup. Celtic came out the 2-0 winners and were booted up and down the park for their troubles. In one particular incident Ian Ferguson almost went through Paolo Di Canio. It should have been a red card but all Ferguson got was a caution. Di Canio had to be substituted not long after. Fast forward ten days and the two teams met again in the final league encounter of the season. Di Canio's leg was bandaged and he made sure that he let Ferguson know he was responsible by pointing at his knee and then at Ferguson. Of course, Ferguson being Ferguson, he targeted Di Canio in violent attacks all through the match, sending Di Canio mad. The Italian threatened to break Ferguson in two when the match was over. If you watch a video of what actually happened at the end it was Ferguson and another Rangers player that squared up to Di Canio, while the Italian was dragged away by his teammates.

Subsequently, Ferguson, in his autobiography, leaves out the Scottish Cup match and accuses Di Canio of threatening to break his leg by pointing at his bandaged knee and then at Ferguson. Our agnivores, of course, lapped this up. Google Ferguson and Di Canio's names together and all you'll find are stories about the 'volatile Italian' and how he threatened and squared up to Ferguson, who by now has become the blameless victim. Our media are not above lying to serve their agenda and I'm willing to bet that, sooner or later, the same mendaciousness will be applied to McClean and Broadfoot will be portrayed as the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

A wee look on Sevco Media confirms that some of The Peeppul are getting carried away with themselves. Look at this one: "For the first time in years we may be able to make a serious challenge for the Scottish or the League cup." Aye, and I'll be shagging Christina Aguilera before the year's out. Amongst all the nonsense, though, there's one post that gives some hope for the future. I never thought I'd see the day:

Finally, it's still there at Number 1. Hopefully it's going to be like that Bryan Adams Robin Hood song and stay there for weeks on end!

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  1. They're back, world beaters again
    Flutes drums, flegs and all
    And christina's ? I've had better.
    Canny wait for their first defeat,
    "ABANDON SHIP" and wreck something while were at it