Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Reverend MacQuarrie has succeeded in driving out the demonic Somers from the temple. Now he's desperate for Friday to come, so the rest of the board can be dragged to Glasgow Cross and burned at the stake for heresy. Speaking of heresy, doesn't the Reverend's assertion that Ibrox is a memorial, a shrine, to the 66 sound a bit...er...well...Catholic? He'd better steer clear of those flaming torches on Friday!

As far as the Daily Record is concerned the good fight's already won. Andy Goram appeared yesterday, pleading with the SFA not to block King's takeover. It's not just for the good of Rangers (sic), you understand; it's for the good of the whole of Scottish football. According to Goram, if King isn't passed as fit and proper then it "could put the entire Scottish game at risk". What a load of crap! For years we were told that Celtic and Rangers were too big for Scottish football and they needed to play in the English leagues. This would be the best thing for Scottish football, we were told; it would make the leagues and the cups more competitive and exciting. Isn't it funny how everybody's changed their tune now that Rangers no longer exists? It seems they were wrong all along and what Scottish football needs is an Ibrox team being dominant!

The Daily Record, of course, does its level best to confuse the issue by saying that King will "have to explain why he was forced to hand the South African Revenue Services a cheque for £44million in 2013." We already know that; he was found guilty and had to pay up to avoid prison. Not only did he have to stump up the unpaid tax but he was fined as well. It's all out there for anyone with a computer or a smart phone to see for themselves. Hampden, however, probably doesn't even have an old BBC machine in its dusty rooms. Carrier pigeon is hi-tech as far as the SFA is concerned. They don't even have televisions; how else to explain why they can never hear all the bigoted singing and rely on the referee's report to say that the officials were up to the job? As we speak they'll be waiting for the mail ship to arrive from Cape Town to find out about King.

There's one thing that confuses me about all this hatred for Ashley: he actually looks more like a 'Real Rangers Man' than King and his cronies do. You'd think that they'd accept as one of their own a man that needs to give himself a semi just to see where he's aiming his pish! But there's no reasoning with The Peeppul. All we can do is laugh as they desperately try to get a crook in to take charge of the Blue Room. It'll end in tears.

A bit of light relief amidst all this feuding among businessmen and crooks and the fight to drive Satan from the top of the marble staircase, now. Somebody gave my daughter an Easter chocolate animal and my wife eyed it greedily. Eventually my daughter gave in and let my wife devour a large chunk of the animal. It wasn't a chocolate bunny - it was a chocolate lamb! My wife is now trying to figure out why I'm calling her 'Jim Traynor'!

And, finally, the Crowdfunding project to get 'Fear and Smear' advertised. If everybody that reads this blog gave just £1 we'd reach the target within a day. I mean, what else can you do with a pound? Well, you could have bought Rangers or tied up the rights to the new club's merchandise; unfortunately, though, those ships have already sailed. Other than that, there's not a lot you can do with a pound these days. Even a bag of toffees costs more. And yet, it could make all the difference to getting 'Fear and Smear' advertised. If you pledge a donation you don't have to pay up until the target for pledges has been reached. Even if we reach £1799 by the end date then the whole thing gets cancelled and the game's a-bogey. So you can see the difference even a quid can make!

Just click the 'PLEDGE NOW' button on the bottom right of the page to take you to the Crowdfunding website where you can pledge any amount you wish. Come on - I've never asked for donations on here before and, after this, I'll never ask for any again!

Gregory Campbell fetches the 'Dinosaur of Triumph' for King's entry into Ibrox.

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