Monday, 2 March 2015


It looks as if Honest Dave and his accomplices have got God, as well as the Daily Record, on their side. The Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie has been in touch with the Record, ranting and raving about the current board. Now we know why James Easdale has buggered off. The bold Rev. MacQuarrie has been patrolling at the top of the marble staircase, brandishing a Bible and shouting, "The power of Christ compels you!" It looks like David Somers is going to be next to be exorcised.

Can you imagine the furore if a Catholic priest was to get involved in anything to do with Celtic? We'd soon hear all the "Ah telt yez" as everybody fell over themselves to point out that the supposedly all-inclusive club was under the sway of the Catholic Church. And yet the intervention of a Church of Scotland minister in the Ibrox circus passes without comment. Strange one that, eh?

The Rev. MacQuarrie bemoans the projected cut-backs and living within its means that the current board proposes. He says:

"When the present Rangers board issued their statement to shareholders recently and spoke only of cutting costs as their strategy, boasting of ‘reductions,’ I saw only people – people I had come to know over many years of being involved at Rangers, with families, hopes and aspirations."

Funnily enough, he has yet to spare a thought for all those that lost money when Rangers was liquidated and we were all to pretend that the new club was 'Stull Raynjurz'. This, however, is par from the course for Rev. MacQuarrie. He is on record as saying, "I regard The Fields of Athenry, with other Rangers supporters, as vile, vicious and racist." He has always been rather reticent, though, when it comes to condemning the likes of 'The Billy Boys'.

The Daily Record is getting more and more ridiculous in its support of the 'Real Raynjurz Men'. The joy at the apparently impending resignation of David Somers seems to ignore the fact that he is not a major player in this game. His disappearance is hardly going to affect anything. They're also getting excited about Craig Mather signing his shares over to the Rangers (sic) Supporters Trust. It's hardly as if this is unprecedented, is it? Mather has been trying to cause trouble ever since he was booted out of the Blue Room. He supported the Requisitioners at the AGM in 2013, remember. Isn't it time he was looking for another job?

I still think King and Co will go crawling home with their tails between their legs after Friday's meeting but it would be great if they were victorious. Can you imagine all the crowing in the Daily Record and The Peeppul dancing in the streets, only to soon discover that the new board can do bugger all without Ashley's say-so. Every chapter in this tale brings us something new to laugh about!

And in a smooth transition, mentioning the word 'chapter' leads nicely into the campaign to get 'Fear and Smear' advertised in The National. The fund-raising starts now and you can find more information here:

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Hopefully we reach the target of £1800 and we can get 'Fear and Smear' advertised and bring it to the attention of the wider public.