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I see Honest Dave is trumpeting in the Daily Record about how everything's going to be 'open' and 'transparent' from now on. A good start might be to admit that he's a convicted crook, instead of all the shite about 'deals' with the South African authorities. A quick Google search reveals that he's not a popular man in SA. Rumours abound about him being mixed up with all manners of unsavoury characters, including gangsters and drug lords. Fit and proper? Aye, right! Although the SFA will no doubt see nothing wrong with him.

He's not home and dry by any means, even though he and the media seem to think so. He's bragging about all the proxy votes he's got but should remember that such votes are null and void if the shareholders actually turn up to the EGM in person. And turn up they might well do, as it appears that he's been lying to them. He's said on numerous occasions that he's already been cleared as 'fit and proper' but now he's planning on putting Paul Murray in as chairman until he finds out if he's cleared to take over! He's also pretty reticent about having a NOMAD; something he'll have to find and quick if he doesn't want the company de-listed. All of this, however, matters not a jot to The Peeppul. They're concerned about other matters.

As I've constantly said, the Big Lie has actually painted the powers-that-be at Bisto FC into a corner. Pretending that this new club is 'stull Raynjurz' means perpetuating the myth that the club was hard-done-by and should be at the top of the Premiership at this very moment. This has been the story right from the birth of the new club, meaning that there was no breathing space to build; The Peeppul wanted Rangers (sic) 'back where it belonged' and they wanted it yesterday. Now Honest Dave is telling them that rebuilding the new club is going to take years. Kenny McDowell claims it will take five years at least. To say The Peeppul are unhappy at this prospect is an understatement.

They're going on about how three years have been wasted already but if they had been told that it would take five years in 2012, how happy would they have been? Not very. One of the clowns on Rangers Media even says of McDowell, "He's hoping its 5 years so his other team can steal another 5 titles." And therein lies the problem for anybody taking over at Ibrox; The Peeppul think that the last three years' titles should have been theirs and the more titles Celtic win the worse they'll feel.     

There's also another little matter, which McMurdo highlights: "On top of this, King has exasperated fans by yet another reference to “rebuild relationships with the football community in Scotland.” This makes him look weak and appeasing to Rangers’ many enemies." Folk on Rangers Media are more explicit in their condemnation:

"We have sat back and watched as scottish football, led by a rabid tarrier team of snakes and villains, have kicked, punched, raped, pillaged and plundered our club for anything they could get their hands on
They took our money, they took our freedoms, they took our stature in the game away from us all because they didnt like us, we did nothing wrong, we were simply better than the rest and that didnt go down well, so the rest banded together to bend us over and shaft us dry, and they succeeded
Do you, Dave King, think for one second that the SPL spits, gave two fucks about scottish football when they banished us to the arse end of scottish football?
Do you think cunts like Lawwell, Thompson, Romanov ironic, Petrie, MIlne and the rest of the chairman in scottish football even remotely considered Rangers Football Club when they all took turns to kick into us when HMRC left us battered and bloody in the gutter."

Obviously Honest Dave's not the only one that's good at lying. Then again, this idiot probably believes everything he says, since he's been force-fed this guff by our media. The problem is that they're obviously turning on their messiah. No wonder the Union of Fuckwits etc. don't want them turning up at Ibrox; they're terrified in case The Peeppul have changed their minds! Well, we'll find out today what's going to happen and it's all good, unless, of course, you're one of The Peeppul!

Meanwhile, our Scottish media were none too happy that King's triumphant return to Ibrox was overshadowed by Celtic launching a new, multi-million-pound deal with American sportswear firm New Balance. (None of your cheap, Sports Direct shite at Paradise!) Obviously raging, they decided to deflect from this deal by asking Peter Lawwell about his stance on Honest Dave being 'fit and proper'. Their annoyance when he refused to go into it was palpable, so it was time for Plan B. They decided to quiz him about Celtic's links to 'Irish Republicanism'. This desperate attempt to link Irish heritage with support for terrorism was absolutely disgusting. I wonder, if Honest Dave wins the day later today, if any of our esteemed hacks will question him about the deep-rooted anti-Catholic and anti-Irish bigotry that exists at Ibrox. Somehow I doubt it; tiny minorities and all that...

It looks like Jim McColl, the Clyde Blower, is one of Honest Dave's backers. How else to explain his conversion from supporting Scottish independence? Many of The Peeppul made no secret of the fact that they didn't like somebody with connections to their old and new clubs openly supporting independence. McColl has now, apparently, 'seen the light' and wants Scotland to stay in the UK. Hallelujah! And, staying with the independence theme, Torky the Twat is back in the Record, ostensible telling us why we're all deserting Labour for SNP.

In a simplistic article he fails miserably to attack Scottish Labour for its many faults, instead trying to excuse it all while resurrecting the old 'Tartan Tories' myth about the SNP:

"...the SNP established themselves as a competent minority government for four years with, lest it be forgotten, Scottish Tory support to get budgets through."

"...only the SNP have experience of Tory coalitions, at Holyrood and at Westminster when 11 SNP MPs voted to bring down the 1979 Labour government."

That comma there, between the words 'coalitions' and 'at Holyrood' makes all the difference to the meaning of this sentence. Without it, Torky is talking solely about coalitions at Holyrood and Westminster; with it, it means any Tory coalitions. It seems Torky has forgotten about the various Labour/Tory coalitions in Scottish councils, set up purely to keep out the SNP! The worst example of this is Stirling Council, whose machinations you can read about in 'Fear and Smear'.

See what I did there? A seamless transition into another plug for the Crowdfunding campaign to get 'Fear and Smear' advertised in The National. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not expecting a bucketload of pledges of £20 or whatever. If everyone that reads this blog gave just £1 then we'd reach our target within a couple of days. So, come on! Get that button clicked and give what you can!

Paul Murray helps King out:

King: "It's no' that kind-a nomad, ya fuckin' idiot!"

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