Saturday, 7 March 2015


The whole scenario I set out in Clash of the Agnivores reached its climax yesterday. Honest Dave stood on the Ibrox steps and told The Peeppul what they wanted to hear: he's going to make Rangers (sic) recognisable again, take it back to what it was historically. (Does that mean the resurrection of the sectarian signing policy?) All the consequences of the Big Lie have reached their denouement as the 'Real Raynjurz Men' take their place in the Blue Room. No doubt there was just as much cheering in the corridors of Hampden as there was outside Ibrox.

Meanwhile the Daily Record has been patting itself on the back and jeering childishly at Derek Llambias. The best laugh, though, was Paul Murray thanking the Record "for its courageous journalism over the past four years". Was that when the paper was trumpeting about Whyte with his 'wealth off the radar'? Or perhaps it was Jabba sending items to Whyte for his approval before publishing. Maybe it was Jabba's lamenting Rangers' demise, only to change his tune in some of the worst arse-licking ever seen in a newspaper this side of a lamb dinner. Probably, though, Murray was referring to the 'exclusives' that exposed all the wrongdoing six months after the internet bampots!

Speaking of Jabba, I see Traynor was at Ibrox yesterday, creeping about with those forty pieces of silver weighing his trousers down. He had his snout in the trough just as much as anyone, pocketing a salary for doing nothing and then leaving with a hefty severance payment and a fistful of shares. Now he's on the side calling for the removal of the ones that he was cosying up to a couple of years ago. The man really takes brass necks to a whole new level!

It's good to see, however, that there's one non-sycophant at the Daily Record with a sense of humour. Click this link and have a look at the advert preceding the video of Honest Dave's coronation speech. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/watch-dave-king-address-rangers-5286452
Hopefully The Peeppul haven't already complained and had it removed! As to the video itself you'll notice how quickly the camera pulls away once King has said his piece. The same thing happens if you watch the Sky report on Youtube; that is if you can stand to see Jim White moving funny because his pants are full of semen. No doubt there were a few choruses of 'The Billy Boys' and 'We Are Rangers' to get the party going. Rather than question King in the same way they grilled Peter Lawwell, though, it was probably decided that a bit of judicious editing was the more politic solution.

And now the fun really starts. Trading on shares suspended, no NOMAD, the possibility of being kicked out of the AIM stock exchange, an unfit and improper person in charge, a temporary chairman that, by law shouldn't be there, no money, no credit, Ashley creaming off all the merchandise revenue, nobody willing to invest. Aye, they're coming down the road, eh? This is going to be fun. I give it three months before the pishy bedsheets start waving in Honest Dave's direction!

While The Peeppul celebrate, they'd do well to ruminate on the fact that they wouldn't have a club to follow at all if it hadn't been for all those spivs and crooks they've been trying to get rid of. If a proper liquidation had been carried out then Honest Dave would have been standing in front of Aldi yesterday. The legal and proper way would have been for Duff & Phelps to bugger off after they had failed to sell the club as a going concern, leaving the liquidators to, as their name implies, liquidate the assets for the highest price in order to pay the creditors. Of course, this wasn't what happened; Chateau Charlie got the assets for a knockdown price, started up a new club and claimed that it was 'stull Raynjurz'. The Peeppul should be thanking all these crooks for giving them somewhere to sing their vile songs and for maintaining the Big Lie!

Finally, the fundraising seems to have ground to a halt. Remember, we need every £ we can get so, please, get that button clicked and pledge now.

The true horror of the situation at Ibrox spreads round Govan

P.S. It looks as if one of King's sources of finance has come a cropper already:

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