Monday, 16 March 2015


Remember a couple of years back that hilarious banner at Celtic Park with the zombie coming out of the grave? The Peeppul were up in arms about it, supposedly because there was somebody aiming a rifle at the zombie. (Although they were proven to be liars; Jim Delahunt received death threats for suggesting that the banner was clever and funny up until the gunman appeared.) All we heard was how the banner was 'terrorist-inspired' and the Daily Record even went so far as to lie that there was a shamrock on the gunman's arm.

We still hear constantly about how Celtic supporters sing in praise of 'terrorists' and questions are asked about what Celtic is doing to stamp it out. I've said on here before that I don't know any of these songs because I've never heard them. I'm not one for straining my ears to listen out for a dozen folk singing something in amongst a wall of noise. Our esteemed Fourth Estate have trouble making out these songs as well, which is why you get the likes of Keevins claiming that singing the 'Soldier's Song' is somehow a sign of sectarian bigotry and support for 'terrorists'. Meanwhile the massed choirs of The Peeppul are always dismissed as a 'small minority' and it is claimed that the powers-that-be at Ibrox are doing everything they can to stop such singing and chanting; in stark contrast to Celtic, where it is, apparently, actively encouraged!

It's not surprising in the least, therefore, to find that the large banner exhibited at Ibrox on Saturday has been completely ignored. The banner showed three masked gunmen, standing in front of Ibrox, surrounded by the words of a UVF song. The Peeppul on Rangers Media are utterly delighted by this show of support for a proscribed organisation, one of whose declared aims was that if a target was missed then any random 'taig' would do! Remarkably, quite a few on RM say that the banner displays the need to 'stand up to extremism'! It makes you wonder what they view as 'extremism'. The UVF, along with the UDA, has strong links with the BNP and other right-wing, racist organisations and both groups have been involved in violent attacks on ethnic minorities in East Belfast. You don't get much more 'extremist' than that!

Again, though, we can hardly blame the Ibrox heid-bummers for this banner, can we? Well, the fact is that a picture of the banner is proudly on display on the 'Fishell' Rangers (sic) website! Just imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if the Celtic website was to post a picture of one of the Green Brigade's banners, no matter what it said! Not a word in our media about Saturday's Ibrox banner, though; they're too busy trying to rubbish Celtic's victory in the League Cup Final by the constant repetition of 'ten-man United' and the claims that United should have had a penalty and that Van Dijk should have had a red card.

Onto lighter matters and it's beginning to dawn on our agnivores in the press that their favourite new team is a pile of shite that no amount of Real Raynjurz Men can change. The way they went on about King and then McCall arriving it looked as if they thought that Bisto FC was going to overtake Hearts in the next few weeks, never mind Hibs! The reality has hit them a hammer blow, since they can no longer blame Mike Ashley and the Easdales for the dismal displays on the pitch.

Speaking of McCall and the Easdales, is there some hairdresser (or wig shop) they go to that specialises in embarrassing, 1970s styles? I don't think I've seen a centre parting and those two big, bouncy bits above the temples since the bygone days of the Bay City Rollers. Maybe they think it'll catch on and they'll be viewed as trendsetters. And as for Paul Murray, I haven't seen hair like that since the Brylcreem ads of the 1960s!

Meanwhile, no word yet on where the money is coming from that is obviously being spent. I doubt McCall is on a pittance and Percy Thrower will still be raking in that massive wage. The new directors won't be on minimum wage either so where is the cash coming from? We'll soon find out when it's payday and the next lot of Ashley money has to be borrowed!

Stuart McCall anticipates being unemployed again by practising for a new career as a Tommy Cooper impersonator.

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