Saturday, 28 February 2015


The Daily Record had this to say in its editorial column the other day:
"So let us spell it out to the owners of Loch Lomond Waterfront and any other bigoted individuals as acts of Parliament have – we are all equal under the law.
Black, white, straight, gay, Muslim, Christian, atheist, male and female, we are all equal. Yes, male and female – or in this case male and male.
The struggle for equal rights in the UK has been too long, too hard and has had to change closed minds by persuasion, by example and finally by sanction.
It will not be undermined by the prejudice of some people towards others.
If your belief is rooted in compassion, love and sacrifice, as the world’s major religions are, then it is subverting that faith to act out a life that expresses itself in prejudice, hatred and intolerance.
It is simple – we are born equal, under the law.
Far from that moral high ground, which either side of this divisive debate might try to seize, is the very human, very awful, unthinking offence of telling people they are less value simply because of who they happen to be.
Compassion, respect and equality are what we expect from each other and for each other.
Most Scots believe that and thank goodness progressive legislation exists to protect minorities from those who do not share these values."
This was in response to the story about a wedding reception being cancelled at a Loch Lomond hotel because it was a same-sex marriage. The owner of the hotel said homosexuality was against her religious beliefs. The DR, commendably, comes out against the bigots. Strangely, though, they did not take their usual line when it comes to bigotry.
Gay folk go on marches, where they wave rainbow flags. Surely such flags are out of place? We don't live in Rainbowland, after all. And then there are the Gay Pride marches, which are held every June to celebrate violent riots in New York in 1969. They even have an organisation to stand up for their rights, Stonewall, which is named in honour of these riots. They have their own clubs and bars, promoting segregation and an apartheid system! Surely this means that the gay community and its detractors and haters are as bad as each other? Well, that's the line the Daily Record and the rest of our media usually takes, isn't it?

Meanwhile there are some strange goings-on going on at Ibrox. James Easdale has flaunted his wig for the last time in the boardroom, resigning his position, ostensibly to keep the 'fans' happy. Big brother Sandy, the main man in the family it seems, is still plying his lonely trade on the football board. He's also sold some of his shares to The Peeppul, which seems a bit strange since they're going to use those shares to try to vote him out. There are some shady doings afoot and the EGM is going to be a lot of fun.

The confidence of King and his Real Raynjurz Men has the Daily Record foaming at the mouth, convinced that they're going to win. We heard the same pile of shite on the run-up to the 2013 AGM, remember? And look how that turned out. The only difference this time is that there's no Leggat around to beat the drum for the Requisitioners. Last time round, he threw a tantrum like Rumpelstiltskin and disappeared up his own arse when things didn't go his way. It'll be Keith Jackson's turn this time!

It would be hilarious if King and his cronies did win at the EGM. Not only would they have all the onerous contracts and the debt to Ashley to contend with but there's another little matter too. Under company law, if a phoenix company conducts the same business, with pretty much the same name and with the same folk on the board as the old company, then they can be legally liable for the debts of the old company. HMRC are still pursuing their cash and, if they win their appeal then Bisto FC could find itself in deeper shit than Rangers ever did!

Finally, I'm starting up a Crowdfunding project to get 'Fear and Smear' advertised in The National. This begins on Monday and it would be great if everyone could give what they could to help. I don't usually ask for any donations on here but this is for a special, one-off cause. I'm looking to raise £1800, which will buy six one-page adverts. This isn't just to raise my profile but to get my book out there and in the faces of the lying scum of the 'Better Together' campaign. Remember, things aren't over by a long way and the likes of Murphy are still lying through their teeth. So please spread the word and donate whatever you can. I'll have more details here on Monday.

The changing face of Labour

 "...chloroform men day by day with drink they care not for the conditions under which they live." Will Crooks.

 "Emdy fancy gettin' pished at the fitba'?" Jim Murphy.

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