Friday, 20 February 2015


Suddenly Stan Collymore is a 'controversial' pundit; well, according to the Daily Record at any rate. The controversy, of course, is that he's shoved a stick into a pile of shite and all the maggots have come crawling out into the light. He's simply said what everyone knows to be true but, in Scotland, pretends that it isn't. The singing of sectarian songs is not by a 'small minority' of The Peeppul; it's the vast majority of them that indulge and get away with it every time.

He's already received the customary death threats, while many of The Peeppul have been in touch with BT Sport demanding that he be sacked. No doubt Keith Jackson will be telling him what's what in the DR later, while loads of comments will be published in the 'Hotline' section banging on about Collymore beating up Ulrika Johnson. As Collymore himself has already pointed out, however, none of them has ever condemned Paul Gascoigne for doing exactly the same!

There are times when you read pieces by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain or Angela Haggerty and you think to yourself that they're exaggerating and that things aren't as bad as they make out. Then you see the furore when somebody like Collymore dares to speak the truth and you realise that perhaps things are even worse!

It seems that nobody in our country's media ever has the guts to condemn The Peeppul and their songbook. You'll maybe see a sentence about 'unsavoury chants' tucked away in a match report, but that's it. They've sung their vile songs of hatred the length and breadth of Scotland, and even at Berwick Rangers' ground, but not a word is said against them. It wouldn't be balanced, you see! It's always got to be 'both halves of the Old Firm' or not at all. Unless, of course, it's Celtic we're talking about. Even a tiny word of criticism of The Peeppul in our media elicits the response: "What aboot theym?"

Well, what about 'theym'? What the hell sectarianism do we ever hear from Celtic supporters? Who do the Celtic supporters sing about hating, or wanting to kill, or expel from the nation? Nobody. "But...but...but...they sing aboot the IRA 'n' at!" Do they? Well, how come I've never heard them? I've repeated on hear many a time - I don't know any IRA songs because I've never heard them. Maybe you get a few folk singing them and we can't hear them on the telly; but, by Christ, I know the words and music to The Billy Boys, No Pope of Rome and The Famine Song because I've heard the massed choirs belting them out frequently.

And then we get the usual shite about sectarianism directed against The Peeppul. Ah...the old 'hun' myth! I've seen some of them try to claim that the word started in Ulster and was picked up by Celtic fans! What a load of pish! It's amazing the barrels that get scraped trying to make excuses for these vile racists. Just so we're clear - 'Hun' does not mean Protestant, or even Orange bastard; it simply means, or did mean before they died, a Rangers supporter. The team might be dead, but The Peeppul are still around. As for what words mean in Northern Ireland - we don't live there. In Scotland a 'tout' is somebody that sells you a ticket at an inflated price and 'yir man' is something to say to a woman when talking about her husband! Of course, these phrases have entirely different connotations in Ulster.

A wee list for Chris Graham:

HUNS: Nacho Novo, Jorg Albertz, Dado Prso, Lorenzo Amoruso, Maurice Johnston.

NON-HUNS: Moderator of the General Assembly, the Queen, Billy Graham, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox etc. etc.

See a pattern?

And to the ones demanding of Stan Collymore if singing vile songs is worse than a young boy being hit with a bottle - give it a rest! I've read many times in the papers about white people being attacked, or even killed, by other folk that happen to be black. That must mean that the KKK, the BNP etc. must be right in everything they say! Then again, given your mindset you'll probably already agree with all those racist organisations, just like the hero you sing about!


"It's aw theyr fawt. Thur widnae be any problems wi' sectarianism ur that if aw they Taigs an' Tarriers fucked off back tae Spudland where they belang!"

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