Saturday, 7 February 2015


At last, one of The Peeppul on McMurdo's blog has admitted what we normal folk already know: they're supporting a new club.

"What the last liquidation and reformation showed is that post liquidation, everything carried on as before without the previous debt in terms of there being a club and a support (obviously the league changed but I will explain in a mo how that not need happen this time). There is a complete beleif that that the club survived liquidation, it was just that the actions taken to act and spend as if the club was still scottish champions and CL regulars has brought it back to this place. A new insolvency could again shed whatever debt there is, remove the onerous contracts and build a sustainable business model. There is not even a need to start out again in league 2 as the way the corporate vehicle has been set up this time allows RIFC to be liquidated and TRFC to be sold as a going concern thus maintinaing thier membership status and league placing whereas the 2 were one and the same the last time resulting in a complete new structure and the whole transfer of membership fiasco and need to be treated as new. What’s not to like?"

That's pretty conclusive and it also shows that they have the morals of a sewer rat. They're not worried about cheating everybody all over again, only that their club survives. One thing this character doesn't get about 'this time round' is that if liquidation comes then it might be a real liquidation instead of the cheating and backstairs dealing of Duff and Phelps.

The agnivores of our media are well pissed off with the Ibrox board's long diatribe against King and his cronies. Every word in the Bisto FC statement, however, was true so our 'sports journalists' can hardly turn round and argue about it. Instead they're playing tit-for-tat, bringing a disreputable character onto the stage, claiming that he's ready to buy into the new club. This guy, Modi, says, "Glasgow Rangers have a fabulous fan base, a solid home and heritage that dates back over 100 years, all of which make for great long-term value." Well, that just proves it's a load of shite! As Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is continually pointing out, Bisto FC is a "loss-making business with no line of credit from a bank." Throw in a fan base that's bitterly divided, money flowing out constantly due to onerous contracts and the fact that the whole place is in hock to Ashley up to its armpits and it hardly looks like a great investment opportunity! This support for the 'Real Raynjurz Men' is getting a bit desperate.

Meanwhile, Halloween Houston is moaning about the EGM being held in London. I thought they were meant to be the 'Quintessentially British Team', burning saltires in George Square and all that; so what the hell have they got to greet about? Houston says that they're going to lay on a fleet of buses to take a big mob down there. This being The Peeppul, of course, they don't want to pay for it and are looking for some bus company to volunteer its services. Aye, they'll be queuing up! The Daily Record says that it's going to be "the biggest mobilisation of their travelling support since the UEFA Cup final in Manchester". Hopefully the London Constabulary is on stand-by and there are no big tellies to break down! 

My wife was looking at the news online and two things struck her about the story of the guy that was beaten up in Newarthill: the first was how the guy's wife was so positive that his attackers were Celtic supporters when she wasn't actually present at the attack. The second thing was that she seemed not to be overly concerned about her husband making a rapid recovery and getting back to the bosom of his family; instead she was saying that she hoped his memory came back so they could catch the 'scum' that did it. My wife had a point. It's the same with the boy that got hit by a bottle. A Celtic supporter has already raised £4000 to give to the lad, while Celtic invited him, his brother and his dad to Lennoxtown. He's also getting to run out as the mascot for Bisto FC at this weekend's match. And what of The Peeppul; what's their contribution? Well, a businessman has offered a couple of ks as a reward to catch the person responsible. Wouldn't the money be better used in giving the boy and his family a luxury day out at Ibrox in one of the corporate suites? It seems that while everybody else is trying to make it up to the lad and let him know that football is not all violence and thuggery, all The Peeppul can think of is revenge!

A bit more politics, and the Daily Record is getting increasingly more desperate in its attempts to get people to vote Labour in the upcoming general election. Yesterday they ran a story about the SNP candidate for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, Mhairi Blach, who apparently put posts on Twitter a year and a half ago about hating Celtic. It looks like they're trying to promote her as a Scottish equivalent of the Derry Dinosaur Jockey, Gregory Campbell. During the referendum it seemed like most Celtic supporters were on the side of independence and this is obviously a pathetic attempt to turn Celtic supporters against the SNP. But, as long as she does the job she's elected to do then who gives a shit what football team she supports or doesn't? Our Unionist press is obviously running scared!

Finally, remember to get your copy of 'Smear and Fear' and find out the truth about the Unionist Indyref campaign. You can find out more and buy the paperback or Kindle version here.

P.S. I see the Daily Record has published some tips for the Newcastle loan players on how to get along with The Peeppul!

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