Monday, 2 February 2015


As expected, nobody seems to be able to condemn The Peeppul for their filthy songs without dragging the Celtic supporters into it with their usual bad-as-each-other shite. So the word 'HUN' was on a banner - big deal! Talk about desperation. Everybody and his dug knows that all that is meant by 'hun' is a Rangers/Sevco/Bisto FC supporter. It might mean something different in Northern Ireland but, just in case nobody noticed, this is Scotland. It's like somebody going to the States and getting all upset because some woman talks about her fanny! It's only the true bigot, desperately looking for some justification for his bile, that would even suggest that the word has any sectarian meaning.

I've mentioned on here before that I'm an armchair supporter; I can't afford to go to matches unless there's a massive increase in the folk buying my book. (Hint! Hint!) As I've also mentioned before, I don't know any of the 'banned' songs of the Celtic support. I've seen mention online of a song called 'Roll of Honour' but I've no idea what it sounds like or what the words are. The only songs and chants that I know are the Celtic Song, Walk On, Come On You Boys in Green etc. On the other hand, I know ever word and note of the vile songs of the Ibrox choir. The only reason for this is that I've heard the songs of The Peeppul being belted out by thousands on numerous occasions; whereas the 'banned' songs of the Celtic support are obviously sung by a real minority and don't register on my telly's speakers.

The only song I heard on Sunday that referred to Ireland was the Soldier's Song; if anything else was sung then I didn't hear it. I was wearing headphones while watching the game; my wife and daughter were busy talking a load of shite at the time. I had to turn the volume down when I was deafened by renditions of 'No Pope of Rome', 'The Billy Boys' and 'The Famine Song'. It was not a minority of The Peepul that sang this stuff; it was pretty much all of them. Our media, however, are determined to keep peddling the myth that only a small minority of the Bisto support is involved in this bigotry.

So, while the Daily Record bangs on about Scotland being 'embarrassed' in front of a worldwide audience, it's really only one set of supporters that are doing the embarrassing. If someone abroad sees the word 'Hun' on a banner they'd probably think nothing of it. And if there were any songs about the IRA they'd have struggled to hear them. There is no doubt whatsoever, though, that they'd be able to hear, and understand, 'No Pope of Rome' or 'The Famine Song'. The fact that our media and football authorities keep pretending that one set of fans is as bad as the other shows an implicit support for these disgusting songs and the even more disgusting attitudes behind them. Otherwise, they would condemn them outright without desperately trying to 'balance things'. Would they be so desperate to look for balance if there were football supporters telling the descendants of Pakistani or West Indian immigrants to 'go home'? Then again, if The Peeppul were doing it...

As to the match itself some of The Peeppul are congratulating their new team for keeping the score down to 2-0. Apparently they believe that Bisto FC came out fighting in the second half and stopped Celtic in their tracks! Hardly! What really stopped Celtic playing well was having to play on a WWI battlefield and cope with a referee that was determined to stop the game from flowing. Kenny Miller, Mr. Cuprinol, says that the score shows that there's not much between the teams. Is he joking? On a proper pitch, with a proper referee, the result would have been a rugby score.

Meanwhile, Ian Black, the thug's thug, is greetin' again about tackles. This time it's Scott Brown he's moaning about, saying he should have been sent off for the tackle at the end of the game. "If that wiz me..." he sobs. I don't know what's funnier, Black's whining or the Daily Record calling him a 'Rangers ace'! I notice that neither he nor the Record bother to mention the frequent fouling by Black throughout the game. And, of course, nobody, but nobody, says a word anywhere in the DR about Bruce Lee McCulloch's disgraceful forearm smash, right in front of the linesman. Being hit on the back of the neck like that could paralyse you for life or even kill you and the look of hatred on McCulloch's face was disgusting. But he didn't even get a yellow card! No doubt it'll be shrugged off as McCulloch just 'letting him know he's there'! So there's only one thing to be said to Black: it begins with 'F' and ends with 'uck off!'

And, of course, a shameless plug for my new book, 'Fear and Smear'. Anybody that voted YES will want to read this. Come on - it's only £1.99 for the Kindle version!

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