Thursday, 5 February 2015


Have you seen the shite in the Daily Record yet? Yes, I know it's all shite, but this is a particularly fetid one. It's a Q and A session with Honest Dave, in which they claim to give him 'a grilling'. Grilling, my arse! The majority of questions are about Ashley and the board and what evil machinations might be put in place to stop King and his cronies from taking over. He is asked, tentatively, about being a 'fit and proper person' and he sees no problems with the SFA. Well, everybody already knew that! But he has the sheer brass neck to make out that he won against SARS, even though he pleaded guilty to avoid being slung in the clink! Of course, the DR lets him away with this, when any decent journalist would pull him up - "Come on, now, you lying, thieving bastard! Pleading guilty to 41 counts hardly equates to winning your case, does it?" Aye, some grilling!

Some of the questions were vomit-inducing in their sycophancy, like: "No date has been called yet (for the EGM), do you expect them to stall or trip you up?" and "Was Ashley’s £10m loan a final grab by him because he knew he would lose EGM?" It's enough tae gie ye the dry boak! No questions are asked either about SARS documents that show that King got most of his much-vaunted £20m back and he isn't pressed about the problems associated with previous board members being barred for five years. In their desperation to get 'Real Raynjurz Men' into the Blue Room the Record are willing to bow and scrape to a convicted criminal. Sickening.

All the pictures of Honest Dave and his hangers-on show 'Level 5' in the background. My immediate thought was - it isn't, is it? Sure enough, I went over to the website of Jabba's Blythswood Bordello and there were pictures of the whole gang at the press conference. It seems Traynor's bitterness knows no bounds and he's now siding with the 'Real Raynjurz Men'. The best thing, though, is that they're actually selling prints of the pictures of these chancers! No, I'm not kidding - have a look. They're being touted as 'The Perfect Gift' and you can get a framed print or even a canvas print. Shop early for Christmas! There's even a couple of pictures of Richard Gough, looking as if he's been dressed up for his own funeral. And there are umpteen pictures of the man himself, Honest Dave, to choose from. Anybody want one? Hello...? Where did everyone go?

To see all the stuff Honest Dave's coming out with you'd think his winning at the EGM was a foregone conclusion. He's claiming that he's got the votes to oust the current board and is telling them that they should start clearing out their desks. I'm sure the Kaiser was just as confident in 1914! As well as hurling threats at Ashley (a dangerous move, surely) he's also claiming that he's willing to work with him. That's a laugh. He's got no choice with all the contracts Ashley's got sewn up, not to mention being owed a fortune. Nothing short of liquidation is going to shift Ashley; and even then he's got first call on Murray Park and the Albion Car Park. In fact, he's probably not giving a shit if King wins control at the EGM or not!

A bit of politics to end with. I see John Swinney has got into an argument with local councils over class sizes and the falling number of teachers. Labour and the Record, of course, are siding with the councils. What short memories our politicians and media have! It was about eleven or twelve years ago that the Scottish (Labour) Government gave a sizable grant to each council so that they could employ more classroom assistants. The council I worked for used the money to clear a few debts, leaving Jack McConnell fuming. As far as I know they never got the money back. All manner of threats were made toward this particular council by the Labour Administration; a  different story now, eh?

Last, but certainly not least, how about buying a copy of 'Fear and Smear'? At least go and have a look!

You can find out more and buy the book here.

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