Saturday, 14 February 2015


Well done to Hibs; a 2-0 win and second place in the Championship. The excuses for Bisto FC were being made well before the match over on McMurdo's Sooper-Dooper-Loyal-Supporters thingy:

"how conveniant that our keeper and captain both pick up bans which put them out of what may prove to be a crucial match on friday night,once more bbc tv evidence playing its part in mccullochs ban as its been reported time and time again despite the referee seeing the incident and giving a booking for the foul but nothing to suggest a stamp was deliberate,still never miss a chance to put the boot in when you can." (The atrocious spelling and grammar are all his own!)

How dare they apply the rules to The Peeppul! And we all know the referees see the incidents; the fact that they don't do anything about them is a fault on their part, not the authorities for finally doing something about McCulloch. As for Simonsen, all he got was a two-match ban, and one of them is suspended, so, really, he's only missing one game. He used the usual defence of The Peeppul of being too thick to know the rules and, the SFA being what it is, they allowed him to get away with it. Still, at least one of McMurdo's disciples had the good grace to admit that the loss of this pair wouldn't make any difference anyway since they're shite!

The Daily Record, meanwhile, are still backing the 'Real Raynjurz Men' and telling us how Rangers First is now the biggest fan group in British football. They quickly qualify this by saying that it's the biggest fan ownership group in British football. There are 8100 members and, as the Record would have it, "Rangers First now has more backers making a monthly contribution than the Foundation of Hearts who have 8000 members." They still don't get it, do they? They learned nothing from the farce of the 2013 AGM; the number of skulls means nothing - it's money that talks. Rangers First now owns 1.4m shares, the DR trumpets, as if that's something great. It isn't.

A share in Rangers Intergalactic is round about what - 30p? 35p? Tell you what, let's be generous and say that the average price the Rangers First group paid was 50p; after all, some of them were probably stupid enough to buy them in the first issue. That makes a grand total of £700,000. And since we're including shares bought in Green's first sale then that is a figure that has taken them about two-and-a-half years to raise. In contrast, the Foundation of Hearts raised a million quid between May and the beginning of September; a period of only four months. Rangers First doesn't seem as great as the Record makes out, does it? As usual, The Peeppul are great when it comes to mouthing off but not so good when it actually means putting hand in pocket! But I suppose those bedsheets don't pay for themselves.

This insidious incorporation of impecunious, inbred imbeciles was in evidence again outside Ibrox, while Sooperally's team was inside getting beaten. Bomber Brown is becoming a regular fixture at these events, dressed in a suit that first saw service riding on a Vespa to Brighton circa 1964. The man is in desperate need of a job. Also unemployed is Nacho Novo, who was unceremoniously turned down for a job at Ibrox; but he's not bitter or anything! At least this time there was no beating up old men or punching women; well, not that we've heard about yet!

Charlie Miller was in the Record yesterday, demanding that Bisto FC do the business against Hibs. He banged on about how Rangers beat Hibs 7-0 in 1995, with a team that included Gascoigne and Laudrup. He says about the new team, "the players have to find some belief in themselves again because on the evidence of recent games their confidence has gone." So that's why Rangers beat Hibs all those years ago; confidence. That and a batch of world-class players paid under the counter with EBTs and the like. Hopefully Miller shows a bit more knowledge when he's coaching kids!

I see The Peeppul left behind one of their number when they were attempting to destroy Manchester. He's been wandering about down there for the best part of seven years, pissed out his head and not knowing where he is or what year it is. He probably doesn't even realise that his team died. You can read about him here.

And remember to get your copy of 'Fear and Smear' at Amazon.

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  1. Big time Charlie is at toryglen every sunday with his dufc team.
    They are pretty average.
    He's like a hobo.