Monday, 15 June 2015


God, that was some week! I've not had much time for blogging since I've been writing the second volume of the Sevco Saga. I've reached the present time so I've had to stop to see what's going to happen with Ashley's court case; I think I can safely say that this book's going to be longer than the first one! It's going to be hard to decide at which point to end it.

So Campbell Ogilvie EBT has gone, Honest Dave's about to be dragged through the courts and that EGM turned out to be a complete and utter waste of time. The best stuff, though, has come from King himself, going on about front-loaded warchests and the like; we seem to have been here before. And he wants to sell 45,000 season books! The biggest crowd at Ibrox last season was just over the 43,000 mark, so who the hell is he kidding? Even back in the 'glory days' of the 1990s The Peeppul never forked out for that many season books and the large uptake in 2012 was mainly down to the cheap price; even then many of The Peeppul fiddled things to buy juvenile tickets! That 5% increase on next season's price probably had the defibrillators in every ambulance in Scotland working overtime.

Then he's banging on about spending 'whatever it takes' to get Sevco winning the Championship and then challenging Celtic in the SPL. He qualifies that though with, 'The funding figure of what will be required is based on a number of things outwith our control. It would depend on our ability to renegotiate the commercial arrangements, the level of season-ticket uptake, whether we repay the £5million loan.' That doesn't make sense. Those things he goes on about affect the figure available, not the figure required. Of course, the agnivores and The Peeppul are lapping it up. Talk about gullible. Even when he says that he and the rest of the Real Raynjurz Men will pump money in if there aren't enough season tickets sold, if it's needed and if they can't sort things out with Ashley, nobody questions what he says. It all sounds a bit iffy to me.

And he's still going on about a share issue. How the hell's he going to do that with no market? The man isn't half full of shit and The Peeppul, like some misbehaving dog, consume every bit. How are they going to set a share price? The idea of using ISDX is still being tossed about, as if it could possibly happen with no NOMAD and no chance of showing 18 months-worth of capital; unless, of course, The Peeppul step up and buy those 45,000 season tickets. That's never going to happen either so the game's a-bogey before it even starts.

What was the point of that EGM? Ashley called it to ask questions of the board but then didn't bother to attend or send any representatives to pursue the points. Instead, it looks like he's going to take them all to court and he would hardly engage the services of a top barrister just to get an injunction, would he? It'll be interesting to see what the outcome of the vote was at the EGM and what Ashley's going to do next. There's information out there but, unfortunately, I don't understand a word of it. There's stuff about skeletons or something, which sounds to me more like a ghost train than a court case. Maybe Halloween Houston and Big Scary Fucker, Mark Dingwall, are involved somehow.

I see professional arsehole David Starkey has surfaced again to have another go at the SNP. Apparently the Saltire is the same as the swastika and the kilt is the equivalent of lederhosen. If he was any kind of historian at all he would know that lederhosen have long been national dress in parts of Germany; the kilt, on the other hand, has been around for less than 200 years. The real Highland dress was a huge, wraparound concern; the modern kilt was invented by the English. All the tartans too were invented in England in Victorian times. It's all a load of pish and the ones you're most likely to see in this faux Highland get-up are middle-class, rugby-supporting Tory voters and Highland lairds with weird names. Another historical point that Starkey seems not to know about was that the Nazi Party, certainly in its early years, was full of right-wing, xenophobic homosexuals, who believed that they were superior to ordinary folk; people exactly like Starkey, in fact! What a tit!

The Daily Record is announcing that a 'Dream Team' of Mark Warburton and Davie Weir will be unveiled today as the new management team at Sevco. It will be interesting to see how Warburton copes without the Croesus-like riches available in England, even in Division 1. Oops! I forgot...whatever it takes! Davie Weir will be looking to top up his old-age pension and maybe buy himself a top of the range zimmer frame.

Finally, a message to Brendan; I figured out how to do it! If you look over at the top of the right-hand column, you'll see that you can now sign up for e-mail alerts. Thanks for the info and I hope to God it works!

"I'm really looking forward to working at Sevco. I spoke to Sooperally and he told me how you get paid a fortune for putting any old shite on the pitch and then they put you on gardening leave for the rest of your contract, on full pay! My begonias have been looking a bit crap lately, so it'll be great to have time to tend to them. As Sooper says, you can be raking in a packet for just raking in dead leaves!"

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