Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Imagine your old car's given up the ghost so you have to get a new one. You're still attached to the old one, so what do you do? You paint the new one the same colour but that's not all; you start taking bits and pieces from the old car, engine parts, wheels, transmission, brakes, and batter them into the new one. Then you tell everybody that it's still the old car you always had. You then have an important journey to make, secure in the knowledge that 'old reliable' will get you there with the minimum of fuss. Imagine your shock and surprise when the wheels fall off and you're stuck before journey's end, with all those old parts needing replaced. As you stand there, watching the thick smoke belching out from under the bonnet, you'll know exactly how The Peeppul feel at this juncture.

As they lash out, blaming everybody from Sooperally to David Murray, they never actually look in the mirror. They desperately clung to the Big Lie, which meant that their team was 'stull Raynjurz'. As such, nothing but immediate success was going to do, trapping the new club into expectations that it couldn't possibly fulfil. Remember how happy The Peeppul were at the 'return' of Miller and Boyd? With this pair on board they were going to crush all opposition and take their 'rightful place' at the top table. Now it's all Sooperally's fault for signing these old has-beens. The problem with The Peeppul is that they're so used to looking into the past that they've no idea how to go forward.

So what happens now? Well, McMurdo and his mob are already talking about an extended top tier being implemented during the close season. Much though The Peeppul, our football authorities and the agnivores in the media would love this, it's a non-starter. The normal people in Scottish football would never stand for it and we really would get Armageddon then, with everyone turning their back on football in Scotland. Phil Mac Giolla Bhain tells us that the Real Raynjurz Men have already gone back to Ashley with the begging bowl. It's their only option. If you look at it, there's nowhere else they can turn and they're going to need practically a full squad for August. I, for one, can't see them getting out of the Championship next year either. In fact, with the dearth of funds, they might even end up being relegated; if they still exist, that is!

The more I look at the Mohsni incident the more my mind is changing. But then it quickly changes back when I read some of the pish spouted about it. If I went to shake somebody's hand and they said, 'Fuck off!' or words to that effect, I'd probably reply in kind, saying, 'Well, fuck you, ya prick!' or some such thing. I certainly wouldn't shove him so hard that he ended up on the ground! Yes, Mohsni overreacted but just imagine what Scott Brown would do if somebody shoved him like that! My immediate reaction was, 'The dirty Hun bastard' but, on reflection, and looking again at the video, it looks like Lee Erwin's the one that's overreacted and Mohsni, love him or hate him, was just retaliating instinctively. But then, like I said, you read some of the hypocritical pish being bandied about.

The Sevco Fishell Website has a statement condemning Mohsni's actions but with a wee attachment about how they're willing to help the police with investigations into the behaviour of MOTHERWELL fans! After a whole season of bigoted songs and the disgraceful behaviour at Ibrox when they were playing Hibs, they've got some bloody neck! They also praised their own fans' 'restraint' when being 'provoked' by Motherwell supporters. There's the bit that changes my mind again. Speaking of 'restraint' implies that The Peeppul would have been perfectly justified in getting stuck in. From that viewpoint, Erwin was entirely justified in shoving Mohsni, since he had obviously been 'provoked'. You can always trust Sevco and The Peeppul to make a rope for their own necks!

As for that 'shameful' pitch invasion - the Motherwell supporters do that at the end of every season. The way the media have tried to liken it to the 1980 Scottish Cup final is what's really shameful. And, although every team's supporters throughout the world laugh at and taunt the opposition fans, it seems that you're not supposed to do that with The Peeppul. As usual, a different set of rules apply when it comes to them!

And then we have the other incidents. Fair enough, there's no excuse for chucking a flare onto the pitch but, really, that was the only incident there was. Oh, I forgot, there's the old boy with the flag. If you watch the reactions of McCulloch, the security folk and the man himself, it's obvious that it was an accident. It was a bloody stupid thing to do and I'd imagine that the Fir Park security will be beefed up a bit to prevent a repetition, but there was evidently no malice intended. When he realised what he'd done, the silly old bugger tapped McCulloch on the buttock with the flag as he apologised. The Peeppul on Rangers (sic) Media, however, are talking about McCulloch being the victim of two assaults, as if the flagpole had been rammed up his rectum! Some good might come of the incident though; it hopefully lets McCulloch know what an elbow in the puss feels like!

Staying with RM, you won't believe some of the stuff on there! There's folk going on about 'cheating referees' - really! And a couple of The Peeppul have called their associates at the match 'shitebags' for not going onto the pitch for a square go with the Motherwell fans! More than that, the Sevco team is being called a bunch of shitebags as well for not diving in to give Mohsni 'hauners'. It seems that nothing short of a full-scale riot is enough to assuage The Peeppul when they lose!

Still, they should look on the bright side. If they had won promotion then many of the players would be due bonuses, as would Bayleaf the Gardener. They would also have had to hand over that £500,000 to NUFC and, as we've seen before, members of the board, past and present, all had bonus packages written into their contracts, most of which probably would still have to be paid. Never mind the glory of the Premiership; just think of all the money they've saved. After all, as The Peeppul constantly tell us, it's all about the 'Blue Pound'!

P.S. It wisnae Mohsni's fault. His mammy says it wiz the other guy tae blame!


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