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That's twice in a row now that Celtic have thrown away two points and it's not good enough. Efe Ambrose seems to be taking all the stick but, really, it's the tactics that are at fault. Why the hell does Deila keep sticking to this zonal marking shite? It didn't work under Gordon Strachan and it certainly doesn't appear to be working now. Get it sorted. It's football your players are meant to be playing; not netball!

Meanwhile, the Daily Record tells us about the "single most dysfunctional boardroom in the history of the Scottish game." That's them doing their History Channel bit again. They're on about stuff that happened two years ago, banging on about how this stuff is relevant to the current court case. It's difficult to see how. A phone call with Ahmad offering Malcolm Murray the chance to fall on his sword is hardly evidence of corruption and fraud, is it? There must be some point to resurrecting this story and it's there, tucked away in the middle of the article, where Jackson says, "But it was another man, Imran Ahmad, who appears to have been calling the shots." Now that looks vaguely familiar. It's a theme that Leggat kept banging on about before he decided to call it a day; that it was really Imran Ahmad that was in charge and Green was just a front. As everyone said at the time, this spiel didn't seem to be coming from the bottom of Leggat's Scotsmac bottle, but from the eponymous protagonist of this blog.

If you look at everything that's happened at Ibrox since the days of Craig Whyte there's been one constant in the whole sorry story; and I don't mean Sooperally. I'm talking of one James Sexton Traynor Esq. Jabba went out of his way to do Whyte's bidding, even sending articles for his approval before publishing. He then ranted and raved about 'Rangers' under Green being hard-done by and how they were being attacked by all and sundry. His next step was to storm off from the Record in a massive huff, only to resurface as the media chief for Chateau Charlie. His 'work' at Ibrox mainly consisted of toothless threats to the press and railing against everybody in Scottish football. Next he left Ibrox and then reappeared as the PR man for the 'Real Rangers Men'. It would be interesting to see him up in court to find out what part he's played in everything that's gone on.

This regurgitation of the Ahmad story obviously comes from the devious mind of Jabba; so what's he up to this time? Well, the media have spent the last week building up the image of Ahmad being 'on the run', as if he's done a Max Branning. The truth is that he refuses to come to Scotland because he knows he won't get a fair trial. So why is Jabba putting in the time and effort to make sure that Ahmad is uppermost in everyone's mind as the villain of the piece? Obviously there's something behind it and I think that some kind of deal has been struck. Charlie Boy has a cast-iron contract with Sevco that means they'll have to pay all his legal fees; something that Honest Dave and his cronies can ill afford. But what about a wee consolation prize? Since Ahmad isn't here to defend himself why doesn't Level 5, and, by extension, the whole Scottish media, pin the blame for everything that happened onto him? I could be wrong but I can't see any other reason for the DR to publish this two-year-old story. I think Ahmad is going to be the fall guy for everything.

Dermot Desmond is taking a lot of flack, and rightly so, for his bringing up that hoary, old chestnut of Celtic moving to the English Premiership. I don't know why this subject keeps cropping up every now and again because it's not going to happen. Which team in the English top tier is going to give up its place for Celtic? And making the Premiership bigger isn't going to solve the problem either; there are plenty of teams in the Championship that would claim that they have more right than Celtic to an extra place. It's a bit like 2012, when our football authorities tried to shoehorn Sevco into the SPL. If Desmond wants Celtic to move to England then they'll have to start at the very bottom. Would Desmond be willing to forgo years of European money to achieve his aim? The only chance of Celtic moving out of Scotland and straight into a top league is for Desmond himself to start up some kind of North Atlantic League. That, however, would involve him having to put his hand in his pocket; something that Dermot seems allergic to doing.

As for Sevco moving to England, that's a complete fantasy. How many times have Ibrox teams been invited down south to take part in testimonial or charity matches? Exactly. English football couldn't have made it any plainer that they don't want The Peeppul turning up at its grounds. England has enough trouble with its own racists without encouraging thousands more to descend. Warburton, of course, thinks the move is 'inevitable' just like Desmond, but he doesn't expand on it; he probably realises it's a load of shite. Ladbrokes have now offered odds of 500-1 on Sevco winning the English Premiership in the next five years. That means nothing, though, other than a blatant attempt to part gullible Huns from their weans' child support money.

I think I've mentioned before that we watch telly through the PlayStation 3, BBC iPlayer and the like, which means we don't have to pay a licence. I was flicking through last night when I came across a documentary about the Ku Klux Klan. I decided to watch and was amazed at how familiar it all was. As well as using phrases like 'niggers' and 'jungle bunnies' the Klan members were concerned that their 'whole way of life' was under threat. Words like 'culture' and 'tradition' were thrown around, which these clowns claimed were being eroded bit by bit. They even went on marches to protest about their flag being taken down. Blacks and Jews had taken over the Federal Government and even those of the different states, with the avowed aim of doing away with the rights of the 'white man'.

People watching this in England would be shaking their heads in disbelief. We here in Scotland, however, recognise these types only too well.

Finally, I see that Pakistan is going to go on red alert. They're expecting a terrorist onslaught and the police and armed forces are already searching every parcel that arrives in the Karachi sorting offices. The whole of Pakistan's largest city will be living in constant fear now that the Daily Record has done its bit by The Peeppul and printed the full address of Imran Ahmad's mother.

"My fellow Americans. There is a new threat to peace in the Middle East. This threat, however, does not come from ISIS, Al Qaeda or Assad. This threat comes from outwith the Asian continent. It's those fucking Huns at it again!"

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