Tuesday, 29 December 2015


"I don’t want to come across as a sore loser but there are some shocking decisions there." He then went on to say that the penalty decision "changed the game".

No, this wasn't Alan Stubbs complaining about the match at Ibrox, or some benighted Hibs supporter bemoaning the performance of Sevco fan Bobby Madden. It was, in fact, the great 'Warbs' greeting about being beaten by Falkirk just over a week ago. Of course, the agnivores agreed with every word but, strangely, they're not interested in game-changing decisions in the aftermath of Sevco's latest match. A blatant penalty not given is just as much of a game changer as a penalty given for nothing. Just imagine if Hibs had scored from their deserved penalty; 2-0 up and Sevco in disarray. Where's 'Warbs' and his calls for fairness now?

And that wasn't the only occasion where a Hibs player was brought down in the box. Twice more Jason Cummings was either thrown to the ground from behind or tripped. Madden, of course, wasn't interested. Many are saying how well Sevco played and that they deserved their victory but I'm afraid I can't be that magnanimous. Even Alan Stubbs has said that the referee was lenient to both sides. Not when it really mattered, though. As well as ignoring penalty shouts, Madden also seemed rather fond of calling Hibs back to take free kicks when it would have been more advantageous to let them play on. So I'm not convinced that Sevco deserved their win at all.
Ah, but Madden sent off Andy Halliday, didn't he? But then, what else was he going to do? While our media condemn Fraser Fyvie for play-acting, they all seem to forget other occasions when this kind of thing happened. Yes, everybody condemned Lafferty that time but they were remarkably quiet when Lovenkrands did the same thing. The difference was that Alan Thompson was stupid enough to put his head near Lovenkrands's face. Halliday did the same thing, as well as giving Fyvie a kick, so he's got nothing to complain about! I don't know if an appeal will be put in. 'Warbs' won't be around to do it as he's off to the Middle East to sort out all the problems there.

It's nearly Hogmanay, when folk dutifully watch 'Only An Excuse' in the desperate, vain attempt to find a joke. Those not sad enough to be in such a position will probably be having a party. I remember when I was wee all the relatives used to sit in a circle singing songs; something that I've never encountered since. I think that sort of party died out in the 1970s. I'm sure Keith Jackson is younger than me, so he must be regurgitating his parents' memories when he talks of 'party tunes'. God knows what kind of parties Jackson Senior attended but the phrase 'party tunes' conjures up specific songs in my memory. I watched the Sevco match and not once did I hear anyone singing 'Ten Guitars' or 'Little Ol' Wine Drinker, Me'. Their songs were much worse than that!

Almost immediately, The Peeppul were on Twitter etc. saying that they were singing, 'up tae wur knees in big trophees'. Aye, 'big trophees' sounds exactly like 'Fenian blood', right enough! And I suppose they were all singing that Alan Stubbs was a 'sad, big tro- bastard'. God, almighty, they really must think everybody's head buttons up the back. Then again, the fuckwits in charge of football in Scotland don't have much in the way of brains, or spines.

Now the Rangers (sic) Supporters Trust is claiming that a memo was sent round telling The Peeppul to sing 'up tae wur knees in EBTs' to 'trap' a 'hostile press' into spouting stuff about sectarian singing. I mean...fur fuck's sake; that is desperate! I notice that no copy of said memo has been produced to back this story up; so we're supposed to take their word for it. The reference to EBTs was meant to be a bit of self-deprecating mockery, which, of course, proves categorically that it's a complete lie. It's well known that Huns have no sense of humour, especially when it comes to themselves. Also, if they were seeking a reaction from the media, then they failed spectacularly since, as usual, our media have practically ignored the vile singing. So, according to this shite, Stubbs was being called a 'sad, ee-bee bastard'!

Anyway, as we all know, nothing at all will be done. After all, Celtic supporters were guilty of sectarian singing at Tynecastle, weren't they? Weren't they? Well...no, they weren't. All I heard was the Soldier Song, which the Hearts supporters roundly booed. Oh, wait, Uncle Shug Keevins made a pronouncement that other countries' national anthems should not be sung at football grounds. He must have been spitting blood a couple of months ago when all those England fans tried to sing La Marseillaise at Wembley!

The SPFL panjandrums have said that they won't be taking any action until they get the match delegate's report. We've heard that one before! And what action would they take anyway? None. We'll get all the 'club working to stamp out bigotry' crap and things will just go on as before. Meanwhile, the police just stand and watch; maybe because their off-duty mates are in the crowd, leading the singing! You'd think everybody would be embarrassed at this kind of thing happening in the 21st Century; apparently not.


"Singin'? Ah cannae hear any singin'! Oh, wait a minute, Ah kin hear it noo. Ah like that wan. Come oan an' dance, dance, dance tae ma ten guitars..."


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