Friday, 4 December 2015


 Season's Cheatings!

 Behind Door Number 4 is one Sandy Bryson. This character has been employed by the SFA as Head of Registrations for many years now. Despite his involvement in the Jorge Cadete affair, Bryson managed to hang onto his job, while his boss, Jim Farry, was sacked. Other actions by this man of integrity include causing a needless stooshie over the registration of John Guidetti. He obviously is a stickler for detail and always does everything by the book.
Strangely, however, he's willing to throw the book away when it suits him. When it transpired that Legia Warsaw had fielded an ineligible player against Celtic in the Champions League qualifiers, he refused to contact UEFA about it. Apparently, on this occasion, being properly registered was not that important. This was in stark contrast to how he dealt with Jorge Cadete and John Guidetti.
His idiosyncratic views about registration came to the fore again during the Nimmo-Smith inquiry. On this occasion the minutiae of the rules mattered not a jot. Even though many Rangers players, according to the rules, were not properly registered, Bryson decided that that they were. His reasoning was that once a player was registered, even if done wrongly due to the withholding of information, then he could not be unregistered. In other words, he was espousing a charter for cheating bastards!

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