Monday, 7 December 2015


Season's Cheatings!
Lurking behind Door 7 is one of the biggest cunts on the planet. He's been guilty of statements of racism and sectarianism that even the BNP or Britain First would be embarrassed about. He brooks no argument with whatever point he's making and used to just cut people off that phoned in to his radio show, which, ironically, was called, 'Your Call'. On a television debate he told Michael Kelly, 'That's what your type always says.' In short, he's an all-round (literally) obnoxious bastard. Presenting Mr. James Sexton Traynor. The man that gave us the phrase 'Succulent Lamb'.
Traynor apparently used to be a top-notch sports journalist but, over the last couple of decades, he merely became the mouthpiece of Ibrox. And, no matter what, he's always right. Nobody has ever heard him admit to being wrong about anything or to changing his mind, even when he does. He was quite prepared to speak the truth at first when Rangers died but was soon arguing that Sevco was 'still Rangers' along with the rest of the media. Of course, he would never admit to his earlier pronouncement. As far as he's concerned, he's the very image of the Protestant, Platonist God; so perfect that once his mind's made up he need never change it. If he could have his way there would be a wee man called Winston Smith in an office somewhere, expunging what Traynor said before from the records.
So, we've established that the guy is a lowlife; but is he a cheat? You're damned right he is! While David Murray was cheating all of Scottish football, Traynor turned a blind eye and refused to countenance any proper journalistic investigation. In fact, he went further and told us all about Murray's plans for casinos, world domination and intergalactic leagues. While he was sports editor at the Daily Record, no negative story about Rangers was allowed. There was nothing but triumphalist rhetoric, while matters like the serious undersubscription to the share issue and Murray's business troubles were swept under the carpet. Essentially, Traynor aided and abetted Rangers during the Cheating Years.
And he didn't stop there. When Craig Whyte took over, Traynor's paper did nothing but extol his virtues. Whyte was a multi-millionaire, one of Scotland's most successful businessmen, a lifelong Rangers supporter and, of course, had wealth off the radar. Amid all this obsequiousness, rumours abounded in the media that Traynor was 'sitting on' a story about Whyte. It took a long time for this story to actually see the light of day but the Record has been patting itself on the back about it ever since. So why did Traynor delay publication of the story? We eventually discovered when Charlotte Fakes published some of Traynor's e-mails. It emerged that Traynor was angling for a job at Whyte's Rangers and it looks as if he was prepared to cover up this big story so as not to damage his employment prospects. If that's not aiding and abetting cheating, I don't know what is.
Traynor eventually achieved his dream job, signing up to Green's new club, which he now insisted was 'still Rangers'. Unfortunately, he made a complete arse of things and ended up leaving 'by mutual consent'. Being the two-faced, back-stabbing bastard he is, he then used his new PR company to support Dave King and all the other malcontents in getting rid of Green's successors. In his usual, myopic, belligerent fashion, he used the compliant media to thoroughly malign Mike Ashley and Sandy Easdale. It now looks as if this strategy is going to come back and bite his favourite new club in the arse!


  1. It must be satisfying for that fat turd Traynor to have invented an entire brand of journalism.The man who put the suck into succulent lamb!!

  2. This would be the "Airdrie" fanatic traynor ?
    The same Airdrie that the very sainted, lily white, brother Dave murray helped put out the game! it's a brotherhood of rats crawling from the sewer and they're all eating each other for survival