Thursday, 3 December 2015


'Warbs' is banging on about 'respect' again. It seems he's upset over speculation about him being the next manager at Fulham. This story has been running for a wee while now, with The Peeppul, of course, using it as 'proof' that Warburton is 'the best manager in Scotland'. Quite amazing, considering he has never won anything in his managerial career. And it's worth remembering that Warburton wasn't 'lured' from Brentford; they got rid of him because he was surplus to requirements.

The Peeppul are in two minds about all this. On the one hand, they're terrified in case 'Warbs' leaves and takes his magic hat with him. On the other hand, however, they think they've got some kind of bragging rights; after all, Fulham aren't chasing after Ronny Deila, are they? The problem is that, according to Fulham, they aren't chasing after Warburton either. They've categorically stated that they aren't interested in Warburton in the slightest. That hasn't stopped The Peeppul and their friends in the media from going on and on about it as if it's the truth. After all, he's the bookies' favourite.

Now, you can understand The Peeppul not knowing how bookies work; they're not exactly endowed with grey matter, after all. The media, however, are another matter and they're obviously being disingenuous. Warburton being the bookies' favourite only means that folk with more money than sense are betting that he'll be the next boss at Fulham. It doesn't mean anything other than that, despite what the gullible Peeppul, or the agnivores in our media, might say.

Of course, now that Fulham have stated that they're not interested in Warburton, the man himself has decided to say that he's not interested in going there. I could easily say the same myself; I'm not interested in the Fulham job either. Laughably, The Peeppul are claiming that Sevco is a bigger club than Fulham, which is why old Magic Hat doesn't want to go there. The only bit of truth to come out of the whole sorry story is Warburton saying, "I'm going nowhere." He's got that right!

The Daily Record, meanwhile, has decided to introduce us to Scotland's Wunderkinder; the young footballers destined for greatness. That's always the kiss of death to any budding footballer's career! Of course, there's got to be at least one Sevco player in there, who's going to set the whole world alight.  One of these players has "been described as having both the physical attributes and the attitude needed to push on at Ibrox." So he's a big, hulking thug with a serious attitude problem. He sounds just the sort of player Rangers used to snap up. Hopefully he went to the right school. Equally hopefully, for the young lad's career at any rate, Sevco's still there when he's older.

Tuesday night showed that there's something seriously wrong at Ibrox. While 'Warbs' brings in all his old mates to ride on the gravy train and money is being thrown at loan players and magic hats, the stadium is ready to fall to bits. One good fart, or even a sneeze, could see the whole edifice tumble around their heads. During the Dumbarton match, part of the Sandy Jardine Stand had to be evacuated since a bit of the roof was hanging over their heads like a sword of Damocles. Luckily, there was somebody there to carry out swift, hi-tech repairs.

According to The Peeppul, Ibrox has passed all checks and is in proud possession of a safety certificate. I'm sure the same boast was made in 1902 and 1971. But surely it wouldn't be like anyone at Ibrox to cheat, would it?

What's happened to the reviews for 'Catalyst'? There's one on Amazon just now, even though there's been a few more sold than that. Come on - surely it's not that bad!

Finally, I'm a couple of days late in putting this up. The first two don't need any introduction. Struth was the one that introduced cheating to Ibrox, regaling his staff and players with tales of how he cheated to win while a professional athlete. Then there's the late, unlamented Jim Farry. I don't really need to say anything about his cheating ways, do I?

Season's Cheatings.
Number 3 on our list is one Paul Baxendale-Walker. This is the man that introduced EBTs to Ibrox. He subsequently went on to produce, direct and star in porn movies for his own company. He can be seen above getting...er...acquainted with the co-star of one of his movies. Apparently, there was no difference between starring in these films and helping the tits at Ibrox to screw the taxman. 

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